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Kaylyn | Massage Therapist

Education: Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy
Specialties: Scapula Work, Focused Back Work

Even before adolescence, Kaylyn always possessed intuition for sensing other’s pain and intuitively bringing back comfort in areas where comfort was absent.Without being fully aware of how she was impacting her loved ones through her therapeutic touch, Kaylyn was encouraged time and time again to pursue it as a profession which she finally did. Kaylyn attended the Berkana Institute which was founded by board member of the AMTA, Jill Berkana. Her school was designed to create empathic, compassionate, skilled artists. They artistically created neurons and built the human body sculpture with clay. Their field trip was visiting a cadaver to view pathologies. Kaylyn knows there are certain elements of which are curable through manual therapy that the general public is not always aware of. Her goal is to work with clients who have anatomical dysfunctions and provide long term relief that prevents the need for surgery and or opioids.

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