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Indigo | Massage Therapist

Education: Florida College of Natural Health
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Back, Shoulders
Specialties: Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Structural (Focus Specific Work)

Indigo was introduced to massage therapy when he became the Clinic Administrator of a massage clinic. After managing the clinic for 6 years and seeing the positive changes massage therapy makes in many different people's lives, he decided to become a massage therapist himself. Now, having been in the massage industry for 9 years, Indigo continues to spread the joy of massage and its benefits to everyone he can. He believes massage therapy is a medicine for all ailments, leading to health both physically and mentally. Stress is the precursor to nearly all sickness and disease, as it weakens the mind and the body. Massage removes this stress, improving one's immune system and putting them on the path to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Massage rejuvenates all aspects of one's self and is necessary care for ALL, not just the privileged. Indigo uses slow strokes to provide deep pressure while keeping the massage relaxing and enjoyable. For 1-hour sessions Indigo prefers focused work on problem areas, whereas a 90-minute or 2-hour session will allow for a thorough full-body massage.

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