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Tim | Massage Therapist

Education: Colorado School of Healing Arts
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Hips, Glutes, Full Body
Specialties: Injury Recovery, Headaches/Migraines, Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Reiki


“Great therapist. Had experience with similar injury which helped a ton”
“Tim was great, I'd refer anyone to him! He focused on deep tissue on the areas I really needed it and found extra knots.”
“Tim is a great therapist who gave me a great massage. He really worked out the knots in my neck and back.”
“My massage therapist, Tim, is attentive and listens to what I need”

Tim has been a massage therapist for almost two decades.  He uses an integrated massage style and client education to help people achieve wellness.  Early in his career he discovered his talents for both injury rehabilitation massage and headache alleviation and still enjoys doing both.  Tim has a habit of finding most of the “bad spots” that clients didn’t know they had before getting on his table.

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