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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Denver, CO

At Elements Massage Hampden & I-25, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Crystal | Massage Therapist

Education: Colorado School of the Healing Arts
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back, Glutes, Feet
Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reiki II, Injury Recovery, Stretching/Range of Motion, Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Sciatic Pain


"It is an inviting atmosphere and the front office staff are extremely pleasant. Most importantly, the massage therapist that I use, Crystal, is excellent."
“My therapist, Crystal, was amazing and understood my injuries and worked them appropriately. She really helped me breathe for the first time in a while”
“Therapist was great. She was great with problem areas. Very thorough. Would definitely request her again”

Crystal has enjoyed doing body work for years, always reaching out to help others with touch and loves to bring balance and centering to her clients.  She believes the body is able to heal itself, though often we unknowingly block the ability to do so, and strives to help her clients reset and heal in each session.  She loves knowing that she has made a positive impact on her clients in mind, body and spirit, and loves the moment when her clients melt on her table and enter the space of relaxation and healing. 

Danny | Massage Therapist

Education: Florida School of Massage
Specialties: Myofascial, Neuromuscular, Assisted/Resistive Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage, Cranial Sacral, Sports Massage


“Danny was attentive, professional and amazing with his technique. I am hooked.”
“Danny is a great massage therapist: excellent massage and very knowledgeable, provided exercises and stretches for me to do at home. Friendly staff.”
“The front desk was very friendly and Danny paid extreme attention to the areas I mentioned were in pain.”
“Danny was very knowledgeable about anatomy and physiology, along with medical conditions. He knows what therapeutic techniques are used to treat such ailments rather than a standard fluff massage.”

Danny started working towards his LMT at Florida School of Massage before he graduated high school. After his first three days of class he was hooked. He graduated in 2008 and has been working in a chiropractic setting since that time. He loves to help people help themselves and massage was the perfect profession for that. Danny's experience has always been a team effort between the client and therapist and it has been so rewarding to make a breakthrough together and see the practical improvements with his clients.

Elaine | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Whiplash, Car Accident Recovery, Realigning Gait, Sports Massage, Source of Injury Healing
Specialties: Detailed work to open massage; Legs & Full Back, Help to Assist Endometriosis, Hand Reflexology, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, Headaches (Craniosacral), TMJ, Injury Modalities, Breaks/Sprains, Stretching
Favorite Quote: Beingness When one is in tune with their body, soul and heart, they can understand the concept of deep compassion for the client. The therapist listens to the nerve ending of each long touch, whether it is finger tips or forearm. However, this is when one completely focuses’ on the healing of the inner body of the client by one giving the feeling of security for the client’s wellness. Gratification and peace of the client is necessary. Focus on what the individual needs as well as their wants in a safe atmosphere. Pay attention to their body movements as the series of massages are being performed. Beingness is a state of mind that continually adheres to the client by touch. Elaine/2005


"Very smooth flow and relaxing massage"

Elaine approaches client’s injuries and concerns with care and compassion.  Through her smooth massage, technique, and an individualized plan;  Elaine’s goal is to make her clients feel comfortable on the outside while the inner person is healing.  Elaine overall loves massage and how she is able to assist healing her clients.  

Eric | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Arms, Legs, Feet, and Injuries
Specialties: Deep tissue, Swedish, structural, Reflexology, Sports, Focus work, Trigger Point, Injury Work, Sciatic, Headache,and Stretching


"Amazing therapist.”
“Friendly and accommodating all around”
“Eric does such a great job that the day after my massage, I feel so good that I don't have to use Bio-Freeze. Eric does compressions and stretching which I feel is what makes his treatments unique.”
“I have been more than pleased with Eric. He not only has learned the trouble spots of my body, he has always found new ones that I didn't know were there.”

Eric approaches clients injuries and concerns with care and compassion. He has dealt with his own injuries while playing soccer, and shares each client's desire for recovery and mobility.   Eric has successfully assisted clients dealing with injuries varying from knee ligament repairs to back injuries and many in between. Through his specific focus work, technique, and an individualized plan; Eric’s goal is to have clients return to their active - pain free -  lifestyle.

Indigo | Massage Therapist

Education: Florida College of Natural Health
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Back, Shoulders
Specialties: Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Structural (Focus Specific Work)

Indigo was introduced to massage therapy when he became the Clinic Administrator of a massage clinic. After managing the clinic for 6 years and seeing the positive changes massage therapy makes in many different people's lives, he decided to become a massage therapist himself. Now, having been in the massage industry for 9 years, Indigo continues to spread the joy of massage and its benefits to everyone he can. He believes massage therapy is a medicine for all ailments, leading to health both physically and mentally. Stress is the precursor to nearly all sickness and disease, as it weakens the mind and the body. Massage removes this stress, improving one's immune system and putting them on the path to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Massage rejuvenates all aspects of one's self and is necessary care for ALL, not just the privileged. Indigo uses slow strokes to provide deep pressure while keeping the massage relaxing and enjoyable. For 1-hour sessions Indigo prefers focused work on problem areas, whereas a 90-minute or 2-hour session will allow for a thorough full-body massage.

Karin | Massage Therapist

Education: Living Arts Massage and Body Work School
Favorite Area Of Focus: Full Body work, Sports/Stretching
Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage/Injury Recovery, Headaches, Sciatic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, PTSD


"Karin is a ninja!"

“Karin and the staff are very accommodating from checkin to checkout ensuring a rested and relaxed massage experience.”

“Prompt. Clean. Great massages”

“My therapist was very nice and positive”

With years of experience, Karin loves to help her clients enhance their health, happiness and well-being through her customized massages.  She loves to incorporate Sports Massage and stretching while also providing a relaxing session in order to maximize healing.  Karin's goal in each massage is to help her clients be the best they can be, spiritually and physically. 

Kaylyn | Massage Therapist

Education: Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy
Specialties: Scapula Work, Focused Back Work

Even before adolescence, Kaylyn always possessed intuition for sensing other’s pain and intuitively bringing back comfort in areas where comfort was absent.Without being fully aware of how she was impacting her loved ones through her therapeutic touch, Kaylyn was encouraged time and time again to pursue it as a profession which she finally did. Kaylyn attended the Berkana Institute which was founded by board member of the AMTA, Jill Berkana. Her school was designed to create empathic, compassionate, skilled artists. They artistically created neurons and built the human body sculpture with clay. Their field trip was visiting a cadaver to view pathologies. Kaylyn knows there are certain elements of which are curable through manual therapy that the general public is not always aware of. Her goal is to work with clients who have anatomical dysfunctions and provide long term relief that prevents the need for surgery and or opioids.

Kim | Massage Therapist

Education: Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health - Atlanta, GA
Favorite Area Of Focus: Upper Back, Shoulders, Neck, Head, Hands, Feet
Specialties: Reiki, Deep Relaxation, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy

Kim began her healing journey in 2009 and was born with a passion for holistic health.  Kim is a Reiki Master Teacher in both Usui and Karuna Reiki.  Kim uses integrative massage along with energy work to promote a healthy mind, body, spirit balance to each one of her clients.  Kim believes in the body’s ability to heal itself and loves being able to use her compassionate hands to assist in overall well being of her clients.

LaNeice | Massage Therapist

Favorite Area Of Focus: Low Back, Hips, Neck, Shoulders
Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Stretching


"LaNiece my massage therapist was very nice and knew exactly what she should do to help a certain muscle group and so forth. I was very happy with my overall experience, the waiting room is also very clean and organized."

Long connective strokes, bringing the body back into its natural balance is what Laneice enjoys about massage. She focuses on how she can participate in the body’s own healing process. Like many, Laneice eases into the muscles, listens to the body and does not exceed pressure that the body might not be able to handle. She believes this technique of deep relaxation will help the body back to equilibrium.

Laurie Anne | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Upper/Lower Back
Specialties: Reflexology, Reiki, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Deep Tissue


“Clean and inviting location. Staff is very welcoming and friendly. Therapist is very experienced.”

After a very stressful career in finance, Laurie Anne became a massage therapist to help regenerate her own, and her clients’, health.  She believes that the client and therapist are a team, working together to promote healing.  Laurie Anne takes great pleasure from helping a client work through injuries and relieve stress.  

Mamiko | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver Integrative Massage School
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulder, Back, Legs, Glutes
Specialties: Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue, MFR, Thai Massage, Swedish, Integrative Massage

Receiving massage has helped Mamiko a great deal to live more easily in this stressful society, and she is always amazed by power of massage therapy.  Mamiko is from Japan, and has given and received lots of Shiatsu massages, as well as other Oriental...

Mark | Massage Therapist

Education: Community College of Southern Nevada
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Back, Shoulders, Hips, Feet
Specialties: Reflexology, Trauma Touch, Thai Stretching, Specific Work, Reiki Master

Mark got into massage because he started off wanting to be a physical therapist but ended up not wanting to go for his doctoral. However, he still wanted to work with the body and help others through a rewarding career. Mark is extremely versatile in his technique and matches each session to fit the client’s needs.

Marleine | Massage Therapist

Education: Boulder School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Full Body, Relaxation, Neck, TMJ, Headaches, Sciatic
Specialties: Integrative, Swedish, Bowen, Ortho-Bionomy


"Highly experienced provider"

Marleine has been doing massage therapy since 1987. She believes in a full body approach to healing, promoting balance to assist the body's own wisdom in healing body/mind/spirit. Her work goes deep in a gentle fashion. After connecting with the client the base of her work is Integrative Massage and Swedish, often incorporating Ortho-Bionomy, Bowen Therapy and Reiki, with spatterings of other modalities she has learned over the years.

Samantha | Massage Therapist

Education: Colorado School of the Healing Arts
Favorite Area Of Focus: Full Body Focus
Specialties: Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Sports/Injury Recovery


“My massage therapist, Samantha, was phenomenal!! I can't wait to come back for my next massage and would and will recommend her to anyone.”
“Samantha asked what I wanted and was very responsive to my requests. She did a great job and I thoroughly enjoyed my massage.”
“The massage was wonderful, and I really appreciate the way Samantha really focused on my particular needs (light pressure on legs, medium neck & shoulder work).”
“Samantha customized my massage so that it was just what I needed.”

Though she started out wanting to be a physical therapist, Samantha was encouraged to go into massage due to her calming and gentle touch that runs parallel with her natural and holistic viewpoints on health.  It didn't take her long to fall in love and begin her massage journey.  Samantha's goal with clients is to give them exactly what they want and need in their session, with focuses ranging from relaxation to specific problem focuses.  She starts each session with the goal to have her clients leave with a smile on their face and feeling great without the soreness or achiness they came in with. 

Tim | Massage Therapist

Education: Colorado School of Healing Arts
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Low Back, Hips, Glutes, Full Body
Specialties: Injury Recovery, Headaches/Migraines, Deep Tissue, Sports, Relaxation, Reiki


“Great therapist. Had experience with similar injury which helped a ton”
“Very personable and relaxing”
“Tim is a great therapist who gave me a great massage. He really worked out the knots in my neck and back.”

Tim has been a massage therapist for almost two decades.  He uses an integrated massage style and client education to help people achieve wellness.  Early in his career he discovered his talents for both injury rehabilitation massage and headache alleviation and still enjoys doing both.  Tim has a habit of finding most of the “bad spots” that clients didn’t know they had before getting on his table.

Wes | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy - Aurora, CO
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Low back, Sciatic, Injuries
Specialties: Deep tissue, Swedish, structural, Reflexology, Sports, Cranial Sacral, Shiatsu, Intra-oral, Neck, Back, Glutes, Legs and Arms, Injury treatment


"Wes is an excellent massage therapist. He genuinely listened -- when I told him about specific areas that needed work, he started with those areas and made sure those needs were met. He also checked in frequently about pressure level and whether his work was addressing the problem. Excellent experience, I'll definitely be back!"

"Wes, he was wonderful. He knew what he was doing and I left Elements relaxed with my muscles in place. His technique was unbelievably wonderful. He was calm and gave a perfect deep tissue massage ever. I have been getting massages all over and his massage have nothing more to add. My hope is that he will never change because I am planning on coming as much as I possibly can"

“My therapist Wes listens to what I tell him are my problem areas are and focuses on that...the massages are tailored to the customer's specific need.”

Wes is an intuitive massage therapist that has a broad range of massage modalities. Wes was introduced to massage following a car accident to help him recover from his injuries. As a result, Wes has found that he really enjoys working with clients that have specific needs. Wes will customized a recovery plan for each of his clients to get them back on their feet. Not only does Wes like being involved in the healing process but he really enjoys providing more clarity on what is going on during the recovery process. While Wes is intuitive, he is also a great listener and really enjoys when clients guide him through massage on what they would like to get out of it.

Kayla | Massage Therapist

Education: Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck and Glutes
Specialties: Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Swedish, Headaches, Sciatic issues and Trigger Point


"I've have seen many massage therapists, and so far, Kayla is the best that I have had!"

"Kayla was the utmost professional therapist. She made my severe pain almost completely disappear by listening to me and by seemingly knowing instinctively where I needed what kind of pressure. FANTASTIC.!!!"

“Kayla did a fantastic job working out the soreness and tension in my neck. I felt great after my massage, and still do the next day. Thanks!

Kayla loves to help people. When someone comes in with pain and leaves feeling like a whole new person, she finds it gratifying. The body is an amazing machine that provides a different challenge with each individual that walks in the door.

Kayla believes that self-care if very important, and many people do not take enough time for themselves. Not only does she find massage to be good for the body, but for the mind and soul as well.

Jennifer | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy - Aurora, CO
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Pects, Shoulder, Hips/Glutes, Forearms
Specialties: Deep tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal Massage


“Had a very nice massage experience at Elements Highpointe. Jennifer was a very good massage therapist who is able to do a focused trigger point and deep tissue massage with great technique, not just strong pressure.”

“Very thorough. Everyone was extremely polite and professional. My massage therapist, Jennifer, discussed in detail what issues I had before working on me and really helped with them.”

“Being a weary stressed out small business owner I must say your location was absolutely top notch. Your staff was attentive, your facility was great and Jennifer was awesome. Being a paying monthly member of one of your competitors I can honestly say I am considering moving my membership to Elements.”

Jennifer has this type of compassion and caring throughout her massage. She listens to the clients needs, as well as listens to what the body is telling her. Jennifer has a way with knowing exactly how light or how deep she needs to go in order to release the troubled areas. Working for a chiropractic company has shaped her massages to customize each individuals needs. She enjoys working with deep pressure and specific focus. The most rewarding part about being a Massage Therapist is the smile on her client's face after their massage.

Mathew | Massage Therapist

Education: Denver School of Massage Therapy- Westminster, CO
Specialties: Swedish Massage, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Thai compress, Sports Massage, Trigger point, Movement, Structural, Swedish Deep Relaxation, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Shamanic Healing, Reflexology, Structural Release and Comprehensive Injury Massage


"Matthew is your best therapist. I would never go to anybody else. He is very intuitive and can figure out the source of issues."

“I'll write a review after every session with Matthew. He tailors his massage to exactly what I need at that session... When its just the need for stress relief, he delivers. When I have specific issues, he works those out, then goes out of his way to give me the stretches and exercises to use to address those issues between sessions. Not kidding... he knows what he's doing!”

“My experience with Elements began in Highlands Ranch and I followed Matthew to Highpointe. So far, I'm very impressed. That being said, Matt is a great therapist, mixing his great massage techniques with a ton of education for me and suggestions to work out my issues. He is awesome.”

Mathew’s goal is to utilize his skills as a Massage Therapist to advance the human condition and help bring the body and mind into balance. He became a Massage Therapist because his mother had Fibromyalgia, and after years of unsuccessful treatments, she tried Massage Therapy. This improved her life so much that it had a huge impact on him. He realized that there are many people out there in the same situation of being in chronic pain daily, and that Massage Therapy can help relieve physical dysfunction in most situations, and give people that are in pain a sense of relief in their daily lives that otherwise would not exist. He is passionate about connecting with his clients and creating an environment where his clients can connect with themselves. Mathew strives to create a space for people to let go, release, reconnect and leave feeling grounded and relaxed. He works intuitively with a sense of spirit in connection with each individual, providing a deep healing massage with lasting results.

Lori | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Education: Boulder College of Massage Therapy & The Colorado School of Energy Studies Boulder Colorado
Favorite Area Of Focus: Low back, Neck, Ribs, TMJ/Jaw
Specialties: Deep tissue, Pre and Perinatal (certified), Manual lymph drainage (certified), Post-trauma recovery, Myofascial release, low back, neck and shoulders, ribs and Polarity Therapy.


"Lori was superb!!! She listened to my physical concerns and wrote them down. Then, she talked me through her suggested solutions. Perfecto!”

"Friendly, welcoming, clean. Lori was knowledgeable not only with massage but other aspects of my concerns that she was able to address and discuss with me. Best massage I've had in a long time. Both relaxing and healing. Will be recommending Lori's services to everyone! Thank you."
"Lori was knowledgeable about my situation, & was able to identify past injuries (which I had neglected to mention) through massage. I am really impressed by the professionalism, quality of massage and atmosphere."

Lori offers a slow, measured approach to create a space for the healing of mind, body and spirit. She blends a nurturing, educated touch with insightful listening to your body’s rhythms. She has in-depth knowledge on how the muscles function to promote the most effective self healing possible. Lori enjoys focusing on specific needs such as injuries, chronic pain sites, and allows the space for clients to unwind emotionally. The human body is complex and amazing and Lori loves helping her clients feel better and more at ease.  

(Because of the slower, more intense modalities Lori specializes in, she recommends booking at least 90 minutes for full-body sessions.)