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6365 E Hampden Ave #103
Denver, CO 80222

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

Meet Our Massage Therapists in Denver, CO

At Elements Massage Hampden & I-25, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Brenda | Masssage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Friday

Hi my name is Brenda. I am a graduate of the Cambridge (Athen) School of Massage Therapy. My specialities are Oncology, Prenatal and Salt Stone Massage. I became a Massage Therapist because I was always performing massage for my family members and when my children grew up and moved out of the house I decided to go to school for it. I have travled to California, North Dakota and Canada.

Crystal | Massage Therapist

Education: Colorado School of the Healing Arts
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back, Glutes, Feet
Specialties: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reiki II, Injury Recovery, Stretching/Range of Motion, Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Sciatic Pain


“My therapist, Crystal, was amazing and understood my injuries and worked them appropriately. She really helped me breathe for the first time in a while”
“As someone who once worked in the field of massage therapy, Crystal's gifts are exceptional and intuitive. Her knowledge of the muscle-skeletal system combined with her wisdom in knowing where the body holds tension in each individual set her above the rest. I will be seeing her regularly!”
“Therapist was great. She was great with problem areas. Very thorough. Would definitely request her again”
“I get massages from Crystal and have never felt better. Every time I come in she remembers me and what we worked on last time (probably in a computer but still). She works the knots in my body and gives me suggestions on what I should do when I am not there. I even got my husband to go to her for monthly massages. I am so glad I found this place.”

Crystal has enjoyed doing body work for years, always reaching out to help others with touch and loves to bring balance and centering to her clients.  She believes the body is able to heal itself, though often we unknowingly block the ability to do so, and strives to help her clients reset and heal in each session.  She loves knowing that she has made a positive impact on her clients in mind, body and spirit, and loves the moment when her clients melt on her table and enter the space of relaxation and healing. 

Hunter | Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday

Hi my name is Hunter. I graduated from the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy. My pressure level is firm. My favorite focus is lower back, feet and hips. I specialize in Swedish and Deep Tissue.

Jules | Massage Therapist

Available Sunday

Education: Colorado School of Healing Arts
Specialties: Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy

Hi, I am Jules and I want to help people heal naturally rather than having to take a lot of medications.I love to travel and hope to visit the 7 wonders of the world someday.

Kayla | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Education: Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck and Glutes
Specialties: Deep tissue, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Swedish, Headaches, Sciatic issues and Trigger Point


“It is a very relaxing experience from beginning to end. My therapist, Kayla, is amazing. Best massage of my life.”
“Kayla did a fantastic job working out the soreness and tension in my neck. I felt great after my massage, and still do the next day. Thanks!”
“Kayla was the utmost professional therapist. She made my severe pain almost completely disappear by listening to me and by seemingly knowing instinctively where I needed what kind of pressure. FANTASTIC.!!!”
“Kayla was terrific - she really worked extra hard on my - several! - challenging problem areas. I felt much better afterward:-)”
“Kayla has a great balance of giving a therapeutic massage without feeling like I've been beat up afterwards. She understands and helps me achieve my health goals. As a dentist, my work posture is not always ideal, and through Kayla's therapy I believe she can prolong my career and help with a better quality of life.”

Kayla loves to help people. When someone comes in with pain and leaves feeling like a whole new person, she finds it gratifying. The body is an amazing machine that provides a different challenge with each individual that walks in the door.

Kayla believes that self-care if very important, and many people do not take enough time for themselves. Not only does she find massage to be good for the body, but for the mind and soul as well.

Lori | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Education: Boulder College of Massage Therapy & The Colorado School of Energy Studies Boulder Colorado
Favorite Area Of Focus: Low back, Neck, Ribs, TMJ/Jaw
Specialties: Deep tissue, Pre and Perinatal (certified), Manual lymph drainage (certified), Post-trauma recovery, Myofascial release, low back, neck and shoulders, ribs and Polarity Therapy.


"Lori was superb!!! She listened to my physical concerns and wrote them down. Then, she talked me through her suggested solutions. Perfecto!”

"Friendly, welcoming, clean. Lori was knowledgeable not only with massage but other aspects of my concerns that she was able to address and discuss with me. Best massage I've had in a long time. Both relaxing and healing. Will be recommending Lori's services to everyone! Thank you."
"Lori was knowledgeable about my situation, & was able to identify past injuries (which I had neglected to mention) through massage. I am really impressed by the professionalism, quality of massage and atmosphere."

Lori offers a slow, measured approach to create a space for the healing of mind, body and spirit. She blends a nurturing, educated touch with insightful listening to your body’s rhythms. She has in-depth knowledge on how the muscles function to promote the most effective self healing possible. Lori enjoys focusing on specific needs such as injuries, chronic pain sites, and allows the space for clients to unwind emotionally. The human body is complex and amazing and Lori loves helping her clients feel better and more at ease.  

(Because of the slower, more intense modalities Lori specializes in, she recommends booking at least 90 minutes for full-body sessions.)

Marleine | Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday

Education: Boulder School of Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: Full Body, Relaxation, Neck, TMJ, Headaches, Sciatic
Specialties: Integrative, Swedish, Bowen, Ortho-Bionomy


“Highly experienced provider”
“I always feel cared for from the moment I walk in the door. Marleine was very knowledgeable and responsive to all of my areas of concern.”
“Marleine took the time to ask where I had trouble spots. She really listened and addressed each location. Her touch was not too hard nor too soft. She was friendly and obviously knew exactly what she was doing. The massage was a wonderful experience.”
"Love staff friendliness and their willingness to help me. But best of all is my therapist Marleine. She knows how to treat my issues and is very sensitive to working on me. I would follow her anywhere."

Marleine has been doing massage therapy since 1987. She believes in a full body approach to healing, promoting balance to assist the body's own wisdom in healing body/mind/spirit. Her work goes deep in a gentle fashion. After connecting with the client the base of her work is Integrative Massage and Swedish, often incorporating Ortho-Bionomy, Bowen Therapy and Reiki, with spatterings of other modalities she has learned over the years.

Opal | Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

Hi, my name is Opal. I am a graduate from Emily Griffith Technical College. I consider myself a medium deep tissue therapist. My favorite focus is neck, shoulders, back and full body. My specialties is providing a relaxing Swedish massage.