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Winter Sports and Massage

Winter Sports and Massage

Elements Massage Highpointe

The clear and brisk winter air can oftentimes lead to the freshest outdoor days. Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, hiking, or whatever other activity that gets your blood moving in the chilliest of temperatures, massage can be a great feature to incorporate into your winter routine.

To keep you moving and feeling your best, sports massage addresses specific areas of your body that are stressed or overwhelmed. By giving attention to the muscle groups that need it most based on your recent activities, sports massage can help keep you on top of your own winter games.

How it works is that during activity, your muscles constrict and shorten in response to movements and training. This means that your muscle fibers suffer very small tears, leading to feeling stiff or sore after workouts. With colder temperatures, your body cools down quickly, resulting in an onset of that stiffness faster. If you don’t take care of yourself during this recovery phase, your muscles can increasingly become inflexible and contracted resulting in a lifelong affliction of various aches, pains, and decreased range of motion.

You can counter this process is by seeking out massage treatments, particularly sports massage sessions that target specific muscles to improve your overall flexibility. With massage, more blood is circulated throughout your body stimulating muscle recovery and faster healing times. This results in relief from tendinitis, planter fasciitis, strains, and more general aches and pains. Plus, you also prevent further damages to injuries from your body attempting to overcompensate for sore muscles.

Sports massage is a great winter addition to your exercise routines, and its popularity is on the rise. Come talk to us at Elements Therapeutic Massage Highpointe about your winter sports regimen and how we can help you perform your best by strengthening your mind and body connection.

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