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What is Prenatal Massage?

What is Prenatal Massage?

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A woman’s pregnant body experiences a multitude of changes both physical and mental. One way to address the natural ebbs and flows of pregnancy is to add prenatal massage sessions to your routine. Prenatal massage is a great way to help connect the mind/body while relaxing and soothing muscles and alleviating stress or anxieties that have built up from life’s daily tasks. 

In terms of specific types of massages performed most during pregnancies, there are several options styles available.  From Swedish massage, reflexology and cranio-sacral therapy, it’s essential to communicate with your massage therapists what symptoms you are looking to address so that they can match you with the right technique. 

What to Expect

A 55 minute session is recommended for pregnancy. The mother-to-be lies on a massage table with bolsters or pillows to support her shape and make the massage session comfortable.  Draped with a sheet, the room is quiet and relaxing with low lighting, and kept at a comfortable temperature. Throughout the massage, the therapist will check in with the client and adjust pressure as needed. For the best experience, it’s important to stay hydrated and not to eat a large meal before heading into any massage! 

Benefits of prenatal massage are: 

-Eases sciatic pain that can develop as pregnancy grows 

-Addresses muscle aches and pains, specifically the lower back area, shoulder, and neck 

-Helps reduce muscle cramps 

-By boosting circulation, helps decrease swelling of hands, feet, ankles, and face 

-Lessens stressful thoughts and helps to provide relief from anxiety or depression 

-Help with sleep 

-Promotes the release of natural endorphins 

Prenatal massage can be used throughout pregnancy and event postpartum to help establish a healthy mind and body connection and address a host of items to enable mothers-to-be prepare for their new child!  If you have additional questions regarding massage, speak with your doctor prior to scheduling a session.



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