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Post-Holiday Distressing Techniques

Post-Holiday Distressing Techniques

Elements Massage Highpointe

As the New Year starts and we all jump into yearlong resolutions and promises to ourselves and others, it’s important to take a moment to appreciate all that we have around us. Yes, it’s impossible to stop worrying once and for all but by taking the time to slow down and examine the great accomplishments and supportive environments we partake in everyday, it’s a great way to acknowledge and appreciate what’s around us before moving forward with more intention and purpose in regards to those resolutions.

Part of slowing down after the hectic holiday season is de-stressing. To increase your positivity in the New Year, we recommend the following tips for the best start:

  1. Write It Out
    One of the best tips we’ve ever received, especially when feeling overwhelmed, is to write down and prioritize what you need to do.
  2. Say No
    One way to manage the piling up of your daily, weekly, and monthly duties is to learn how to say no. When someone asks if you can pull double carpool duty or do an extra favor, it’s okay to say that your schedule is too heavy right now and that you’d be happy to help them out in the future. The same goes for work too! It is okay to manage your time wisely and oftentimes that means you have to turn down people when they ask you for things.
  3. Hit the Gym
    There’s nothing better for getting your sweat on and your endorphins kicking like going to the gym or out for some activity in the sunshine. If this is too much to bear, try going for several walks a week to get your body in shape. People that work out tend to be happier and more productive!
  4. Vitamin D
    Spending ten to fifteen minutes outside in the sun each day helps your body absorb the right levels of vitamin D and helps to promote your internal clock and circadian rhythms. Fall asleep quicker and wake up without feeling groggy!
  5. Eight Glasses a Day
    Water, water, water. We can’t say it enough. Drinking enough water is super good for you and did you know that it can even lead to a better massage? The next time you come in for a session, make sure to hydrate and see if you notice the difference!
  6. Power of Positivity
    As we start a new year, frame your mind to see the glass half full instead of empty. Try to smile instead of wearing an expression of exasperation or exhaustion. We think you’ll be surprised how people respond better to a smiling face!

Let’s all make 2014 the best year yet!

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