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Massage for Cyclists

Massage for Cyclists

Elements Massage Hampden & I25

Whether road biking or off-roading on a rough nature trail, biking for competition or just out for a pleasant weekend ride, cycling can take a toll on your body’s muscles, especially the legs. Even though cycling uses many different muscle groups, your leg muscles receive the heaviest burden pedaling and pushing you up and down your course. Massage treatment is the perfect answer to the muscle soreness and stiffness you feel post-ride and can also help prevent injuries, promote a quicker recovery time, and boost your performance. 

There are many different types of massage available to address a host of bike related wear and tear one may face but when it comes to massage to address specific physical activities, there are a few modalities that you should gravitate towards: 

Sports Massage

Sports massage is the perfect answer for any specific aches or pains resulting from activity. It focuses on moving lactic acid buildup from your muscles and can help relieve soreness or promote preparation for your next outdoor outing. 

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is great for those that train hard. It is typified by intense pressure that focuses on problem areas that arise after rigorous activity like hamstring knots, or tight spots in your iliotibial band. By accessing the deep muscles, Deep Tissue massage relieves concentrations of fascia to move out kinks and keep you moving smoothly. 

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage incorporates long muscle strokes and light pressure stimulation to help your body relax, re-energize, and prepare for the next strenuous task you take on. Oftentimes, this type of massage is excellent after a hard ride to help your body jumpstart the recovery process. 

For any professional cyclists, massage is part of a well-rounded routine. For the weekend rider, the benefits of massage don’t end at competitions or races. Massage is an excellent tool for any post-recovery routine to encourage blood flow and nutrients to your muscles to help you bounce back quickly from high activity. Plus, did we mention it feels good?



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