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Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Elements Massage 6365 E Hampden Ave #103
Denver, CO   80222
(303) 854-9155 Elements Massage$49 to $99
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6365 E Hampden Ave #103
Denver, CO 80222

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Elements: A Calming Environment for Reiki Sessions

Elements: A Calming Environment for Reiki Sessions

Elements Massage Hampden & I25

Elements Massage and LifeSpark Cancer Resources of the Denver area have partnered together to provide Reiki sessions to cancer patients. We open our studios to provide a calming, peaceful environment where cancer patients can receive Reiki and Healing Touch treatments from Lifespark free of charge. Many of these patients are undergoing intensive, debilitating cancer treatments and are looking for symptomatic and emotional relief. At Elements Massage, our team is delighted and humbled to be able to open our doors and massage rooms to patients from LifeSpak Cancer Resources. Our partnership with LifeSpark Cancer Resources is incredibly valuable to our studios and our staff. We want to share a story about one of our first patients to receive Reiki sessions at our Elements Massage Hampden & I25 studio to help illustrate the value of this service and our partnership.

Beatrice Radakovits was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985 and after surgery remained cancer free until 2002 when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Ultimately, she pulled through and was able to return to her work and her family until 2014 when a routine flu doctors appointment revealed ten small nodules around her lungs indicating her breast cancer had returned to different parts of her body. This diagnosis was especially hard for Beatrice as her husband of forty years had recently passed away and she was concerned about what might happen to her adult daughter Kristin.

Fortunately, for Beatrice, her oncologist noted that the cancer was slow growing and could be treated more like a chronic illness. She is currently taking a targeted therapy drug that attempts to target the proteins within the cancer cells. Even though treating her cancer as a chronic illness has given Beatrice and her daughter greater peace of mind, she must still deal with the many side effects of the drug.

Beatrice became one of the first clients of LifeSpark to receive her Reiki sessions at Elements Massage Hampden & I25. She describes her first session with feeling, “I walked into a welcoming environment, Elements Massage at Hampden & I25 with a friendly receptionist and into an atmosphere that displayed comfort and pampering. Susan met me, and we entered a dimly lit room with a lovely fragrance, and I felt myself take a deep breath and begin to feel a calm come over me. The environment was fabulous.”

Reiki and the pampering atmosphere of Elements has given Beatrice the peace and calm she so desired. She has realized so many great benefits from taking part in this program, she no longer needs to take prescription medicine for a pain in her leg and she has a greater feeling of peace, and far less anxiety about her battle with cancer. Our team at Elements Massage Hampden & I25 is incredibly delighted to be able to provide a service that has aided in her transformation.

“Reiki to me is emotional medicine. I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity in my cancer battle. I understand that I am one of the first people in the LifeSpark program to receive sessions at Elements Massage, and to receive sessions without any cost to me. Cancer treatments are very expensive, and the fact that I am given this as a gift has caused me to shed tears at times.”

Thanks, Beatrice, for sharing your story and for being part of our Elements Massage family.

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