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Reiki: Providing holistic healing for cancer patients

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Aug 22, 2016 Wellness

Through our ongoing partnership with LifeSpark Cancer Resources, we have provided space for patients to receive Reiki services. In order to understand the full impact of your donation, we’re covering the basics and benefits of Reiki for cancer patients in this blog.

Colorado Summer Wellness

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Jul 16, 2016 Wellness

This summer, we’ve put together a collection of Colorado activities, wellness tips and tricks, fitness events, and healthy lifestyle decisions for you and your family.

Prioritizing Women's Health

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 May 3, 2016 Wellness

Not only this week, but every other week focus on your health and the health of the other women in your life by using some of these tips to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle.

4 Tips for Managing Stress this Holiday Season

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Dec 22, 2014 Wellness

The holidays can be an extremely stressful time of year for a number of reasons. Whether it’s the stress of receiving family or other guests into your home for extended periods of time, or the pressure felt by having to spend a lot of money on gifts, the holidays are notorious for creating situations that can sometimes bring people beyond their tipping points. To help,...

What Does Relaxation Mean to You?

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Nov 4, 2014 Wellness

If you were to ask us this question, we would undoubtedly say a luxurious 60-90 minute massage session is probably the most relaxing activity that anyone could possibly undertake. To be fair, we are considerably biased in this opinion albeit backed up with years of research and anecdotal experience from millions of happy massage recipients around the world. What is so important...

The Elements Way: Our Philosophy on Customer Service

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Oct 1, 2014 Our Studio

At Elements Massage Hampden & I25, we still believe in providing a hands on customer service experience. The foundation of our philosophy come from passion and dedication to the art of massage and in helping our customers relax, rejuvenate, and reinvigorate their minds and bodies.

How To Get Better Sleep

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Sep 22, 2014 Our Studio

We have all had a terrible night of sleep and know how difficult it can be to function the next day. Lackluster sleep can make you feel sluggish, lethargic, unfocused, or even depressed. Fragmented sleep can stem from a variety of reasons including aches and pains as well as stress and anxiety. Learn how to find a perfect night's rest with these strategies.

Common Back Problems

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Aug 25, 2014 Wellness

Back pain can be frustratingly difficult to deal with. Lower and upper pain can limit your range of motion, restrict your activities, and interrupt you from living the life you want. Did you know that massage might be able to provide the relief you are looking for?

Critical Matters: Your Water Intake

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Jul 9, 2014 Wellness

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to address a commonly undervalued part of leading a healthy lifestyle: proper hydration. With rising temperatures and more frequent outdoor activity, it’s essential to understand the importance of water to how your body functions and to understand how much water you should be drinking. 

Seven Health Conditions that are Alleviated by Massage Therapy

Elements Massage Hampden & I25 Jun 18, 2014 Our Studio

From Egyptian tomb paintings dating back as early as 3000 BC to the writings of Hippocrates, evidence shows that massage therapy has long been used as a means to heal the body in a wide variety of cultures throughout history. 

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