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Susan | Certified Massage Therapist

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Education: MS in Education, Certified Massage Therapist (National Holistic Institute)
Favorite Area Of Focus: Restoring function, collaborating with medical teams
Specialties: detective work
Joined Elements Team: July, 2017
Favorite Quote: List to understand, not to reply
Favorite Place Visited: Seoul, Prague, Zurich, and the Redwoods


"I had a wonderful massage from Susan yesterday. She was lovely and caring. The massage was one of the best I've had in a long time. I have Alzheimer's and it helps to have gentle hands on me."
"Massage was tailored to my needs."
"Susan is great. Went right to work on my specific problem. She seems to really understand
the body and she listened to me."
"One of the best massages I've ever had!"
"Therapists are skilled, able to attend to injuries as well as do full body deep massage. Susan was personable and intelligent."
"Susan really knows her stuff. It was like getting a massage from a physical therapist."
"I had an excellent session with Susan. As a massage practitioner myself, I appreciated her knowledge and application to my specific needs."
"Susan is amazing!"
"Susan did a couple moves that made my sore neck feel much better. I like a quiet massage so I can focus on the experience and that's what I got. Her pressure was great and even between both hands. I liked the room. The colors were soothing and the lighting was comfortable."

I have a background in teaching, applied neuroscience and corporate coaching. I've taught innovation skills, presentations for executives and stress reduction at very large global companies. I'm interested in how the brain and nerves communicate and work behind the scenes to protect us from pain and dysfunction. By seeking the source, we can arrive at a plan and lifestyle insights that will lead to profound results.

I'm also a huge sci-fi geek!

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