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Bon Air Center


200 Bon Air Center
Greenbrae, CA 94904

Mon - Sat 9am - 9pm
Sun 10am - 7pm


Meet Our Massage Therapists in Greenbrae, CA

At Elements Massage Greenbrae, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.

Christopher (Chris) | Lead Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

Education: National Holistic Institude 1350-hour program
Favorite Area Of Focus: My favorite areas to work are the neck, shoulders & hips. I find that though clients delight in the work in the usual tension areas, they are frequently surprised by hip work, and how helpful it can be in regaining their range of motion.
Specialties: Neck and hips
Joined Elements Team: August 2016
Favorite Quote: Knowledge is Power
Favorite Place Visited: The place I remember most vividly are the hot springs on the side of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.


"The massage was really good and got rid of all my knots...felt very good afterward"
"Chris was beyond amazing. It was very professional. The experience was so great that I booked in for another massage before leaving."
"Chris is the best! He knows his clients and their needs. He treats them with respect and professionalism."
"My therapist was kind, intuitive, and skilled in helping me with spasms resulting from back surgery. I would highly recommend Chris! "
"My experience with Chris was fantastic!! The staff was warm, friendly and professional. I can't wait to book my next appointment for THE STONE TREATMENT."
"Chris was extremely professional and friendly. Worked on the areas I specifically requested. He knew exactly what to do and was very knowledgeable. Absolutely the best massage I have ever had (I have had LOTS of massages at lots of different places). Would recommend Chris and Elements Massage to everyone."
"Chris knows its stuff. He was right on, and very efficient. I will be back for more :)"
"Chris listened to my specific requests, used his knowledge and skill to locate and work out the knots, all the while explains to me what he was doing. My mobility and comfort increased. Additionally, he showed some exercises I could do on my own to maintain mobility."
"I found this place just walking by and I had one of THE BEST massages of my life here from Chris. Deep tissue with Himalayan Salt stones. Not only did I walk out more relaxed with alot less muscle tension, the next day I could tell I was breathing more fully. I HIGHLY recommend Elements Massage!"
"Chris hit all the right sore spots and my neck and back are starting to feel better."
"Chris is arguably the best massage therapist I've ever had."
"Chris is a genius and a true therapist."
"Great treatment by Chris, worked on my knee with a good deep tissue massage."
"Chris was extremly knowledgeable and went directly to the source of my pain and not only did he "Cure" and relieve my shoulder pain he was very informative to what I can do to strengthen and get my full mobility back. I can't thank him enough!"
"Chris was awesome! He totally helped me heal from an injury."
"Can always count on Chris at Elements to know exactly what to do to repair my sore body (and spirits)."
"Chris was incredibly knowledgeable (and shared that knowledge) about the muscles and attachment points and why tightness in areas produced a less than desireable reaction -- his massage techniques were excellent and I felt FABULOUS after the massage"

Hailing from Occidental, Chris is a Neuromuscular Therapist. He works with clients with chronic pain, injury rehabilitation and all other manner of soft tissue issues. He believes that the mind has a great effect on the healing process. "No matter...

Craig | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Education: SF School of Massage and Bodywork
Favorite Area Of Focus: reflexology, Thai massage and orthobionomy
Specialties: Reiki and Reconnective Healing
Joined Elements Team: November 2015
Favorite Place Visited: Panama, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Phillippines, Pakistan, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong


"My massage was both powerful and gentle. The therapist was very responsive to my preferences and treated me with respect. The whole experience was very uplifting and I felt wonderful!"
"You are near by, the staff are kind and helpful, and my therapist was very professional and good!"
"Fabulous relaxation massage by Craig! Definitely recommend Elements and their staff was great!"
"Craig is wonderful!"
"Craig was great and I felt like he maximized my time. Will use him again."
"Therapist was great. Gave firm massage as requested."
"Craig gives an exceptional massage. Everything about Elements is easy."
"Craig was very personable. Great massage."
"The masseur was friendly, beginning by reviewing what I would like. The hot stones felt very good and the pressure of the massage was frequently checked on for my comfort. It was great being given advice after the massage for follow up treatment."
"My therapist, Craig, is terrific! He's what keeps me coming back."
"Craig is awesome, very knowledgable and gave me a great massage!"
"Had the BEST massage at Elements from Craig. He was attentive to the pressure, since my muscles were tight in my neck and back. The heated towel on my upper back felt so good and loosened the muscles while he worked on my feet and legs. "
"Craig has magic hands!! So relieved to find a talented local masseuse. Best massage I've ever received - thank you!!!!"
"Craig is very thoughtful and is in interested in trying new techniques. I always feel so relaxed when I leave."
"Craig is an excellent practitioner - great intuitive sense, wonderful touch and calming nature. His room is always well setup with plenty of warm towels, a definite plus."
"Craig gives a very good massage. He hits all of the right places."
"Craig was excellent. He was responsive to my needs and made a point of checking with me periodically to make sure the treatment was helping."

Craig has made massage his second career after many years behind a desk. He is a lifelong learner and enjoys exploring new techniques and modalities to integrate into his massage knowledge.


  • CAMTC# 67949
  • Places I have lived:...

Kim | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Thursday, Saturday

Education: West Coast Massage Therapy College (British Columbia)
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, MET
Specialties: Neuromuscular, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Technique (MET)
Joined Elements Team: April 2016
Favorite Quote: Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. ~ unknown
Favorite Place Visited: Ontario, Alberta, Newfoundland, Victoria BC, Santa Clarita CA, Vancouver BC, San Rafael CA


"I liked the way Kim listened to my needs and danced my arms! A total letting go and feeling like a magnificent marshmellow!"
"Kim is the best!"
"Kim was terrific."
"Very talented massage therapist!"
"Massage therapist Kim is so awesome! Her skill is phenomenal."
"Kim is wonderful!"
"I have a shoulder/upper arm injury, and two therapists were recommended. I made an appointment with Kim, who was great, and have another appointment with her. The salon is clean, quiet, and front desk personnel are courteous and friendly. My experience was positive on my first visit, and I joined the monthly massage club."
"The pre-session interview and post-session feedback were encouraging and helpful."
"Kim is the absolute best therapist."
"Kim is wonderful. We appreciate her higher level of training and knowledge."

More about Kim:

  • Places Lived: Ontario & British Columbia (Canada), California
  • Places Traveled: Australia, Iceland, parts of Europe
  • In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I was in the computer games industry

We recently...

Carressa | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Education: Bryan College - Associate in Applied Science in Massage Therapy
Favorite Area Of Focus: I enjoy doing a variety of massage modalities - it keeps my. mind active.
Joined Elements Team: November 2016
Favorite Quote: A positive mind often leads to a healthy lifestyle
Favorite Place Visited: Thailand


"Carissa is an excellent massage therapist. The front desk staff are consistent welcoming and professional."
"It was a wonderful experience and I came out walking on clouds. Excellent service and beautiful studio "
"friendly and excellent massage"
"Carressa is great!"
"90 minute massage was an excellent value. Carressa was great at working the knots out in a relaxing way. "
"experienced and professional therapist"
"I LOVE Carressa, she is wonderful. She really gives my body the treatment that I need."
"Professional and personalized massage, consistently."
"Caressa was wonderful! Also, lovely calm atmosphere."
"Able to get an appointment on the weekend and the therapist understood what my body needed for the sports I play."
"Amazing massage, very clean & calming atmosphere"
Carressa helped me with some head neck and shoulder tension caused by the residuals of a nasty headache. From the moment she started working on my lumbar area of my back I felt the tension easing up in my shoulder area. I loved the work Carressa did in my rhomboids, trapezius and especially my deltoids. I felt like a new person after getting off of her table."

I learned a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, prenatal and sports massage, which I apply in my massage sessions depending on the requirements and preferences of the client.

Kelly (Edward) | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Education: National Holistic Institute
Favorite Area Of Focus: Deep Tissue, MTF Swedish
Specialties: Hot Stone, Chigong
Joined Elements Team: December 2016
Favorite Quote: I am the conduit, you are the healer
Favorite Place Visited: Alaska, Washington, Arizona


"Kelly is a true professional and always does a great job. He really listens to your concerns and has the technical expertise to accommodate your needs."
"Kelly is fabulous. He has such an incredible way of finding exactly where the problems are and communicates in such a way that it feels really collaborative. It's like having someone to partner with me to address my back issues. I'm so grateful to have this available to me and would highly recommend Elements to everyone!"
"Massage was just dynamic in all aspects ... gentle hands, sensitivity & a calming quiet voice"
"Kelly is hands down the best massage therapist at Elements, & arguably in Marin. "
"Deep tissue Massage from Kelly and although painful as I expected it's been a few days and I'm feeling much better, looking forward to the next session."
"A very good therapist. Kelly was wonderful and really helped my acute back pain."
"I loved everything about it! The staff at the front desk was very warm & welcoming. Kelly, my massage therapist, asked enough questions to enable him to tailor my massage to the areas that needed it, but wasn't overly chatty. The facility is spotless and the ambience serene & calming. I recommend Elements Massage regularly!"
"Kelly was a great therapist who discussed my needs before beginning my massage and talked with me through certain elements of it. It was a very relaxing and healing experience."
"Kelly, my Massage Therapist, is AMAZING. He has a way of being so gentle, but always finds spots I'm not even aware of until he works on me. He is probably the best deep tissue massage therapist I've ever had. He is so intuitive, knowledgeable, & has great suggestions for things I can do at home. If I won the lottery - I would have unlimited Kelly massages!"
"Kelly is an incredibly knowledgeable therapist who takes the time to make sure he is meeting your needs rather than just going through the motions of a routine."
"My massage with Kelly was great! He hit all the tense spots with deep enough pressure to relieve them."

As a healer Kelly has experienced what it is like to overcome illness.  Massage helped in his personal healing experience.  Because he felt such results he wanted to give back and to share with people who are in need of pain and stress relief.

Liz | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

Education: Institute of Conscious Bodywork
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, shoulders, feet
Specialties: Trigger Point, Range of Motion, Circulation
Joined Elements Team: August 2017
Favorite Quote: "Let it Go"
Favorite Place Visited: London


"Liz is an excellent therapist, overall experience has been great over the past 6 months. Happy to recommend!"
"Loved my massage and the front desk women were so nice and helpful!"
"Very attentive therapists who really listen to you and are able to solve your physical issues."
"Great massage"
"Liz was great. Loved her ‘release’ method."
"Very knowledgeable staff and my massage therapist was incredibly good."
"Liz is a pro. Excellent technician!"
"The people were very friendly and kind and the massage was wonderful!"
"Very professional therapist and calm surroundings."
"Excellent therapists and nice setting. Music is calming, especially during holiday season. Love Liz and hot stones!!"
"Everyone is very professional and welcoming. Liz is amazing!"
"My massage with Elizabeth was wonderful. It will definitely be a regular indulgence!"
"Liz is absolutely outstanding and a real asset to Elements Greenbrae."
"Liz is an experienced and knowledgeable massage therapist."
"Liz is fantastic! Definitely coming back soon!"
"Excellent therapists and nice setting. Music is calming, especially during holiday season. Love Liz and hot stones!!!"

My work is focused on range of motion issues, compressed disk, joints and circulation.

Rudy | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Friday, Saturday

Education: National Hoiistic Institute Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program 2013
Specialties: Trigger Point therapy, Reflexology, Swedish & Shiatsu massage, Total Body Stretch, Hot Stone
Joined Elements Team: February 2018
Favorite Quote: If you have to talk to 3 people about the same problem, you don't want help. You want attention.
Favorite Place Visited: Disneyland, Black Rock City, Faywood Hot Springs (New Mexico), Sedona, Hawaii, Louisiana, Long Beach, Monterey Nuevo Leon Mexico


"brilliant and intuitive"
"Rudy was very attentive to my needs. I asked him to focus on my neck, shoulders, and back. I walked out with no kinks in my neck, no knots in my shoulder blades, and most importantly no back soreness."
"The therapists are skilled and make us feel comfortable."
"Rudy was very considered and thorough in his approach, and the ambiance of the center is extremely relaxing."
"Rudy was excellent (deep tissue) - staff extremely accommodating- family clean and relaxing"
"Forgot how good a massage can be; Rudy and Elements delivered."
"Rudy's quality of touch and techniques were one of the best I've experienced. I left grateful."

Rudy is a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist.

Dana | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday

Education: Swedish Institute, Boston University, TriState College of Acupuncture
Favorite Area Of Focus: all of it!
Specialties: Deep, slow, specific work, Lomi Lomi, Craniosacral
Joined Elements Team: April, 2018
Favorite Quote: "What's in there?" "Only what you take with you." The Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Place Visited: Siena, Italy


"Spotlessly clean, wonderful staff, amazing results. Makes all previous massages seem average!"
"Dana was great! Very attentive to my needs and areas of focus."

Deep experience integrating Eastern & Western modalities

Alexander (Sasha) | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Education: National Holistic Institute (Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program)
Favorite Area Of Focus: Back and neck, forearms
Specialties: Myofascial Release
Joined Elements Team: May 2018
Favorite Quote: "I can't give you a sure-fire formula for success, but I can give you a formula for failure: try to please everybody all the time." - Herbert Bayard Swope
Favorite Place Visited: My family's countryside home near Saint Petersburg, Russia


"Great massage ! Sasha did a spectacular job. I felt very relaxed and comfortable! Will definitely be coming back for another one."
"Sasha is one if a kind professional. Terrific technique."
"Sasha was extremely knowledgeable about my back injury and gave a great massage. He also provided me with aftercare exercises."

Deeply relaxing, trance-like, intuitive, invigorating -- these are just a few ways clients have described his bodywork.

Jaylon | Certified Massage therapist

Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Education: National Holistic Institute Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program; College of Marin
Specialties: Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Swedish Massage, Prenatal Massage & Lomi Lomi
Joined Elements Team: May, 2018
Favorite Quote: "She believed she could, so she did." - R.S. Grey
Favorite Place Visited: Philippines, Israel & Germany


"Very professional practitioners and staff. Excellent massages, good value."
"Loved the massage & it was easy to book."
"Jaylon is the best massage therapist I have ever had in my life. No joke. She is why I joined Elements."

Jaylon is a Neuromuscular Therapist who describes herself as pretty unconventional.

David | Massage Therapist

Available Saturday

Education: National Holistic Institute
Favorite Area Of Focus: Extremities
Specialties: MyoFascial, Sports, ROM assessment, pre-natal
Favorite Quote: A smile, it's a kind and sincere way to show appreciation.
Favorite Place Visited: Costa Rica

I'm a caring passionate individual that will communicate as needed to provide the best results.

Daisy | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Education: National Holistic Institute
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, chest & feet
Specialties: Pin & stretch, neck work (stretching & myofascial therapy), Swedish, Deep Tissue
Joined Elements Team: February 2019
Favorite Quote: Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold. - Bob Marley
Favorite Place Visited: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica; Madrid, Spain


"Daisy's massage was a great combination of relaxing & therapeutic. My neck feels so much better, days later!"
"The front desk staff is very friendly. The massage therapist is very knowledgeable and asks questions before they begin to make sure they understand what the client needs."
"Friendly, professional, punctual, and I loved the feedback at the end. I told my boyfriend I got a report card. I enjoyed the recommendations for what I can work on at home as well as that it indicated what areas to focus on for future work, even if not with Elements."
"Professional and efficient! Just got a membership."

I am a gentle and professional massage therapist who can adapt to your needs. I am excited to expand my massage skills with Cupping Therapy and CBD HerbalRitual.

Joseph | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday

Education: National Holistic Institute
Specialties: Myofascial Release, Swedish, Thai
Joined Elements Team: February 2019


"Joseph was really great. I also appreciated them accommodating that my daughter and I needed to arrive a few minutes late."

I feel this is what I was meant to be.

Al-Grace | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday

Education: National Holistic Institute, San Francisco, CA
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Trapezius, Hands and Feet
Specialties: Swedish, Sports Massage, stretching
Joined Elements Team: November, 2018
Favorite Quote: "Seek and You Shall find.”


"She's the new Stephanie! I loved the stretches."
"True relaxation and reinvigorating experience."
"Great atmosphere and Al-Grace was great."
"Al-Grace’s massage was just what I need — perfect balance of firm and deep pressure, incredible stretches incorporated throughout the massage — even got my stubborn shoulder to ease and trust during the stretches. Glad I upgraded to the AromaRitual and Himalayan Salt Stone massage — the eucalyptus and heat were just what I needed. Definitely going to book with Al-Grace again and again."

Like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. Depending on our body’s need - relieving knots or just seeking relaxation - you get what you're looking for. 

Priscilla | Certified Massage Therapist

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Education: National Holistic Institute
Favorite Area Of Focus: Mid-Thoracic to Neck, Lower Back to Hamstrings & attachments around the knee
Specialties: Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Eastern-based point work
Joined Elements Team: April 2019
Favorite Quote: "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."
Favorite Place Visited: Brazil, New York City & Lake Tahoe


"That wonderful intersection of deep therapeutic & melting relaxation!"

Priscilla provides exceptional deep tissue massage, incorporating aspects of Myofascial Release, Sports Massage & Eastern-based point work. Clients also love her soothing, relaxing Swedish massage.