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Sandy | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Wednesday, Thursday

Education: Harper Therapeutic Massage School
Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, back, shoulders, and feet
Specialties: Relaxation/Swedish
Joined Elements Team: March 2016

Sandy received her Massage Therapy education from Harper Therapeutic Massage School. While Swedish (relaxation) massage is her signature trademark (and she has been known to put people to sleep), Sandy is still able to apply deeper pressure to get rid of any knots and pain and still make it a relaxing experience.

Sandy's Philosophy on Wellness: "Massage is not just for the body, it is also nourishment for the mind and spirit. Emotions from stress can get held in the muscles of the body creating discomfort. Massage will unlock these emotions and release them, so that the body can return to its natural state of neutrality and restore peacefulness from within."

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