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Bodywork: Which Type of Massage is Best Suited for Your Personality?

Bodywork: Which Type of Massage is Best Suited for Your Personality?

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Here’s a guide that can help you get a better sense of the techniques available to direct your selection of massage treatment towards the style that suits your personality and body best:

If you’re tense:
Deep-tissue massage concentrates on working through each layer of muscle through intense (and sometimes painful) massage that releases muscle tension. It is a great type of massage for those that have restricted range of motion, chronic pain, or tendon and ligament damage.

If you’re a non-stop thinker:
Cranio-Sacral therapy would be the best type of massage for you to try. Similar to a head massage, Cranio-Sacral massage places pressure on the bones and cerebrospinal fluid in the cranium to provide results that reduce stress, improve vision and organ function, sharpen cognition, enhance breathing, and increase energy levels.

If you’re shy:
Reflexology might be the best type of massage to try at first. Oftentimes, the hands and feet are the main body parts touched by a massage therapist but this touch can influence your whole body. This is a great introduction to massage and can help those that suffer from stress-related conditions, foot and back pain, arthritis, insomnia, or even headaches.

If you’re an athlete:
Sports massage is an excellent massage style that targets specific muscles and combats soreness by working out lactic acid buildup. It can also aid in preparation for sporting events. For best results, book your appointment directly before or after sporting activities.

If you’re a workaholic:
Can’t get away from your desk? Try a Swedish massage that consists of long, relaxing and soothing strokes combined with gentle kneading motions that are ideal for someone who wants to release tension and relax.

When exploring massage, start with what feels comfortable. Remember to openly discuss your wants and needs with your massage therapist and ask questions!

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