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Carl | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Specialties: Deep pressure/Deep tissue, prenatal, swedish, trigger point, sports/stretch, reiki, thai

Carl, previously a Registered Nurse, went to school for Massage Therapy in Lombard IL in 1996. He has lived in PA, CO, OR, and the Geneva Illinois area.

Carl has visited nearly all of the US national parks. He had been to 49 states by 11th grade! He has also visited Mexico and Canada. His dream vacation is visiting the one state he hasn't been to, Hawaii.

Carl enjoys doing chair massage, he feels it brings massage to people who may have never been willing to try it before.

Carl's philosophy on healing is that healing is the natural function of the body, that happens when one is relaxed. Decreasing stress through relaxation and healthy lifestyle choices allows the body to heal.


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