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Brittney | LMT

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Joined Elements Team: 4/15

 Education: Ivy Tech Community College; Associates of applied science in Therapeutic Massage.

Specialties of Training: Relaxation/Swedish, Deep Tissue, Biomechanical release, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Medical massage, lymphatic work.

Favorite Massage Modalities:  Medical massage w/ lymphatic work, Trigger point release, Deep Tissue, and Swedish.

Philosophy of Healing: I believe your body knows how to heal itself, and I can help remind it.  I will not give 2 people the exact same massage because EVERY body is different.  I really enjoy a medical challenge!  I incorporate lymphatic strokes into my massages to promote better health.  My goal is to achieve significant results without pain. Besides healing the body, massage should also feel good.  I’m also known for giving stretches as “homework” to optimize your self-care and keep you going with less pain!

Exceptional Results:  1. I have a client that originally came to me complaining of severe carpal tunnel pain and was looking at the possibility of having corrective surgery.  Over months of regular massage and stretching, we have been able to reverse her condition without surgery and she now has better range of motion and is pain free!  2. I have a client with neuropathy and massage has improved his sensitivity and blood flow to the damaged area and he reports a better quality of life.  3. I have another client with a degenerating hip.  After weekly massage for 8 weeks, she saw a better range of motion, drastically reduced pain, and a reduction in her swelling.  Although she eventually required surgery, we made her quality of life a bit more bearable until she could get her hip replaced.  4. I had a client who had liposuction and plastic surgery.  Regular massage after 3 months (after 2 weeks of healing) while incorporating lymphatic strokes helped the area heal and keep from puckering. 

Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward participants in athletics. It is used to help prevent injuries, to prepare the body for athletic activity and maintain it in optimal condition, and to help athletes recover from workouts and injuries.

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