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Elements Massage Florence has therapists trained in Pre-Natal massage for expectant mothers.  Women can begin massage therapy at any point after their first trimester. The pregnant body undergoes radical physical changes in each trimester, each with their own physical ailments.   The main ailments of pregnancy are centered on decreased circulation in the body, joint pain, and muscle fatigue as the body changes. Pre-Natal Massage is directed specifically to cater to these pregnancy discomforts and to ease the burden on the body.  Decreased circulation and edema (swelling) can be improved through massage stimulation as it improves the oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, in turn providing more skin elasticity during pregnancy. Massage has been shown to encourage the stretching of muscles and reaching full range of motion in joints.  Elements Therapists also understand the effects of the hormone relaxin.  Relaxin enables muscles, ligaments, and cartilage to stretch and care needs to be taken to avoid overstretching.

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