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Meet Our Massage Therapists in Boise, ID

At Elements Massage Boise - Emerald, our highly trained and qualified massage therapists will work with you to meet your individual needs.


All of our team members are licensed and certified.  Many of our team members are nationally certified at the highest level of massage therapy one can obtain. Because we believe in being the best, we continue the education of our team members on a...

Anna | Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

-Attended  College - Oregon

-Favorite Modalities  Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage

Growing up I always knew I wanted to choose a career that would help others and make a difference, however I was unsure of which career path would be the...

Barb | Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

-Attended  Cortiva Institute - Florida

-Favorite Modalities  Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy

I spent many years in the business world and even though I enjoyed my work, I always had a sense that I was not doing the thing...

L | Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

-Attended  School of Massage -  Idaho

-Favorite Modalities  Reflexology,  Hot Stone, Structural Therapy

I am a very straight forward and direct therapist, I like to find the cause of your problems and release it, but I am also very versatile in...

Lindsay | Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

-Attended  SE College of Massage Therapy - Idaho

-Favorite Modalities  Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone

I love what I do. I am very attentive to the needs of my client. I have been told I have the softest arms ever.  I can give a great, deep...

JJ | Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist

-Attended   - Idaho College

-Favorite Modality  Structural Sports Massage (Injury Specialist), Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology

I believe I was made to be a massage therapist. I have great big, strong hands.  I let your body tell...