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Therapist Thursday: "What stresses you out most about tax season?”

John L. Pantera Apr 11, 2013

Today marks the third week of our Therapist Thursdays.  

This week's question was “What stresses you out most about tax season?"  Taxes can cause stress for many people, including those whose job is to provide stress relief for people (our wonderful massage therapists). 

Here are 2 answers from my team and one from myself as well:

1. Paying to have them done for me and not getting my full return. 


2. The slight chance of getting audited when I submit my family taxes without any paid guidance.


3. Not getting a return at all, and having to pay good ol' Uncle Sam.


Engage in conversation with us on Facebook or Twitter and mention this week's topic for a chance to win our free upgrade for the week.  The upgrade is your choice of free hot stones or extend a 55-minute massage to 80-minutes.  

Good luck!   

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