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Mike | Massage Therapist

Education: Associate’s Degree of Occupational Studies in Therapeutic Massage

Places Lived: Hawaii, Georgia, Colorado

Places Traveled: I have explored a lot of the United States. I would like to venture out and see some of the world though.

Dream Vacation: I love to cycle and mountain bike. Anywhere out of the country with big mountains would be great! I would also love to snowboard in Japan!

Favorite Massage Modalities: I’m a huge fan of mixing techniques. I use Swedish the most for warming and preparing muscles. However, everyone is different and there are so many modalities. I like them all.

Philosophy on Healing: Attitude is a huge factor in the healing process. I have to have a positive attitude in order to help my client. The client needs to be willing to relax and let their muscles stretch out. Basically, with some simple teamwork we can get some fresh oxygen to your blood and help those achy muscles and burning nerves feel soothed and warm.

In my other life (before I found massage therapy) I have been a janitor, maintenance man, landscaper, bicycle mechanic, trail builder and now I’m a massage therapist!

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