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Bryan |  Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Seated Massage Specialist.

Graduating from Utah College of Massage Therapy, Brian specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, and seated massage work.

Initially Bryan was working as a warehouse worker, where he planned on building his career. After realizing that this was not the plan for his spirit or body, Bryan took the path as a massage therapists where he was able to clear unconscious tension that his body was carrying. Massage work has been very fulfilling for Bryan, as he is able to see the relief that massage therapy has given to not only the clients he is working on, but to his own body as well.

Bryan’s philosophy on healing is “our bodies have an inner wisdom and knowledge of what they need. We can simply trust that our bodies’ healing intuition through patience and love”


Bryan is available Monday and Friday 5:00-9:00 , Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 3:00-9:00 and Sunday 3:00-7:00 

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