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Ian | Biography

Education As of sciena sports rehab/massage therapy

Specialties or Training Swedish massage, Deep tissue, Sports massage, Trigger point, acupressure, Cupping therapy, Aroma therapy, and Hot stone massage

Favorite Massage Modalities Swedish massage and Sports rehab massage

Philosophy on Healing The body is capable of healing itself, mind, body, and spirit. Our bodies get depleted and clogged by stress, bad diet, and lack of exercise. Returning the body to homeostasis and relieving the body of stress. Internally learning to listen to our bodies gives the body what it needs to reset. Giving the body what it needs and learning to understand to listen to what it is in need of is my philosophy on healing. Massage I feel is a great way to help reset yourself and find balance.

Exceptional Results Have had clients with neck problems, not being able to rotate or bend their neck. I have been able to take those clients from that state of pain and immobility to having the be able to leave with the ability to move their head and neck with full range of motion

Therapist of the week: alleviating problems clients have


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