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Massage Rates

Julia | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Education: Dayton School of Medical Massage, Center for Natural Wellness in Albany.

How long have I practiced massage?  I have been practicing therapeutic massage since 2012

Why did I become a Massage Therapist? I enjoy helping people find relief from their pain and stress.

If I could practice Massage anywhere in the world it would be I would love to work with musicians and musicians’ injuries. My background as a classical violinist exposed me to the huge physical demands musicians place on their bodies. Massage can help prevent over-use injuries and accelerate the recovery process.

My philosophy on healing is: The body possesses a remarkable ability to heal itself, when given the right support. Massage is one tool that facilitates recovery on both physical and mental/emotional levels.

More people should have massage because:  Massage improves quality of life by reducing stress and excessive muscular tension. If these are left unaddressed, they can create body-wide patterns of dysfunction resulting in chronic pain.

The modalities I practice are: I combine myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and polarity with Swedish massage to create a session I believe will best meet my client’s goals, whether they’re looking for total relaxation or have specific areas of concern.

Pressure:  1 - 3

Schedule:  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday

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