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Becoming a young adult who was born and raised in the Mojave Desert of southern California, I was having difficulty finding a spark of passion for what I wanted to do with my life. In 2010, I decided to break away from my family in order to start a new life in Colorado to search for something that would truly make me feel alive. Eventually, I came across the Denver School of Massage Therapy, and at the time, was only looking at massage as an introductory career until I found what I would really love. To my surprise, I discovered an insatiable desire to learn as much as I can about the anatomy and pathology of the human body and it's miraculous regenerative properties.


Currently, I am working as a massage therapist/structural bodyworker in order to save money for medical school so that I can quench my thirst for more knowledge of human anatomy and pathology. Combining my current expertise of eastern medicine with the knowledge of western medicine that I will obtain in medical school, I have a dream of someday becoming a master of both worlds of medicine so that I can help my family and community on a far larger scale.

I've been told many times throughout my life that I do things a bit differently. Being proud of this fact, I developed 5 of my very own modalities that are based off of the 5 Traditional Chinese Medicine elements and named them JEMs (James's Elemental Massages). I'm constantly noticing countless connections and similarities of all things around me on vast scales, and to exemplify this, I decided to create JEMs in order to assist me in explaining my broad range of skills to you.


Keep in mind that it is not necessary to book a session based off of these modalities; if you would rather not follow their direct guidelines, feel free to reserve what I like to call a "free-spirited massage" so that we can address any issues you may have in any way you see fit.


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