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Will | Level 4

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What is it to be a healer, what is it to be a human being…  What is it to be?

As a Massage Therapist my ultimate goal is to share my expertise with clients with a goal to move away from stress and pain and into self care and consideration.  My first four years of massage practice were in New Jersey, and my school was at a university hospital.   Medical massage reached out to me when I realized the positive impact on clients and is still the center of my practice today. Continual learning is a part of all therapists’ lives, and I strive to look for modalities of Massage that complement my other skills. I took a private course with a teacher to complete and refine my Thai massage and adapt it for table, then it was time to move on.  Moving to New Orleans was a change in weather, culture, and how the populace generally feels about bodywork. It was a different environment that was challenging, but meeting that challenge was another step in professional growth.  Traveling is one of the things I like to do when time affords. The last trip brought me to Denver, and I am ready for the winter.

I look forward to working with you.

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