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1367 E 6th Ave
East Unit
Denver, CO 80218

Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm
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Sherri | Level 4+

Available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday

If you are new to Elements, let me be the first to tell you: Welcome. You have made an excellent decision with our clinic. All of our therapists are some of the best I have had the pleasure to work with, and they will provide you with an excellent experience with Elements.

If you are the type of person that wants to address the real issue(s) of what's really causing you the discomfort or pain that you have been experiencing for years or weeks, then I will encourage you to schedule a round of sessions with me. I want to help you heal yourself through bodywork that is not only functional for you, but for your particular needs. In a perfect world I would love to see you for 80 minutes our first session.

However.... I do know this does not always work with your schedule or mine. But for your future knowledge, I really need 4-6 weeks of a weekly or every other week plan (this would go out to 6-12 weeks) to allow me time and focus for your body. I will also give you a treatment plan to follow at home, thus allowing your/our schedule to be more flexible in the future.

Most clients want deep work, but really don't know what deep tissue truly is and how it affects the body, but I want to teach you about your own body and work within your own limits. This will include your pain tolerance. Many people can take deep work on their back but not their legs. This is very normal due to responses in the body that are no longer firing to your brain. If my schedule is booked too far out for you, please talk with the wonderful front desk staff--They are very helpful with therapist recommendations.

To let you know a little about myself, I have been a therapist for well over 10 years and have over 10 thousand massage hours logged on people just like you. My philosophy for the body would be “let thy medicine be thy food and thy food be thy medicine.” With this basic understanding that our bodies will heal itself, I am just another tool in your toolbox to help you conquer whatever adventure you want to accomplish.

Have an excellent session.

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