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Brittany | Licensed Massage Therapist (Level 1-3+)


I'm 40 years old, active, I go to the gym 5-6 times a week for several years. I recently hurt my lower back in a horrible way. Sciatic nerve pain in my lower back. I recently had an MRI, I've had 7 chiropractic adjustments in the last 14 days, I've had acupuncture 3 separate times, I'm on pain medication, nerve medication, and Prednisone for inflammation. I had 1 deep tissue massage by Brittany at Elements on Shea Blvd, close to Scottsdale Shea Hospital. It was the first treatment I had that I noticed an immediate sensation of relief! Brittany was 7 months pregnant and targeted my specific area of pain. She was amazing and I will definitely go back an see her. Elements was an attractive, professional, and clean place of business and I would recommend to anyone to give them a try. I'm a first time client, but not a last time client. I will definitely be back...

Employed at Elements since:  June 2017

Years of experience: 5 1/2 years

Why I became a Massage Therapist:  After going to a Tech-fest and meeting the massage therapy instructor, the course seemed amazing and perfect for me.

My personal massage philosophy:  Massage shouldn't just be a luxury and special part of your life.  It should be part of a healthy therapeutic lifestyle.

Favorite massage modalities:  Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Sports Massage.

Favorite focus area:  Feet, Hands, Head, Scalp and Neck

Other places I have worked as a Massage Therapist:  I have worked at another Massage Studio as the Lead Therapist for 3 1/2 years.

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