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What Makes for good "table side manner"?

Centennial Therapists Mar 6, 2014

Brittany V.: Asking the client if they are comfortable is very important.  Making sure the volume of music and temperature of the table warmer are good for the client. Also, during the consult I ask client's if they have any questions and tell them to feel free, at any time during the massage, to ask questions or adjust anything.

Paul B.: Doing things to help the client to be as comfortable as they can be. Like if a client is unable to lay on their stomach - having them lay on their side and giving them a body pillow to use. Or helping a client sit up after the session is over.

Carlton M.: I believe making sure the client always feels that they are comfortable whether its getting them a cup of water during the session to escorting an elderly client who may need additional assistance getting to the restroom. Their comfort is always the number one priority.

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