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What's the most memorable holiday gift you've ever received?

Centennial Therapists Dec 18, 2013

From Christina: "It was a strawberry shortcake bicycle, equipped with pink baskets and a horn! I was 6 years old and there was a blizzard that year (1982). I had to wait quite a long time before i was able to test drive it, but well worth it!"

From Britt: "The best gift I ever got was a Barbie corvette from Santa. You could sit in it, drive it, and talk on the fake car phone. I drove that thing around my cul-de-sac every day after school."

From Jen: "The most memorable gift was when I was really little I got Barbie's dreamhouse mansion and like 80 bazzillion Barbies. That year I also got a whole bunch of cars for my Barbies to drive around in. Needless to say it was a pretty awesome Christmas that year for this girl."

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