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Is there a difference between a therapeutic massage and one you would get at a spa?

Centennial Therapists May 9, 2014

From DeAnna:  Most of the time the clientele and their perceptions of the location may have more influence on the typical work performed at any given spa or studio.  For example, a studio located within a fitness facility may see more sports massage requests while a chiropractic office may see more injuries. Ultimately, all bodywork has a therapeutic focus because the word means "to heal from a disease". This is the goal of all body-workers, to help their client heal.

From Brittany:  Therapeutic massage describes any modality that helps relieve pain, reduce stress, and work on a specific problem. Going to a spa for a massage is usually for relaxation and has the image of being a luxery, where as therapeutic massage is something client's should include as their monthly wellness & health.

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