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Woman with headache.

"What are some effective non-traditional headache remedies?"

Centennial Therapists Oct 10, 2013

Nadine says: "Aromatherapy can help, particularly lavendar or mint scents.  Place a dab on your temples or on your pillow to help you relax and ease your headache."
Trina says: H2O!!  Many headaches are caused by dehydration, so drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent headaches.  Once you already have a headache, applying a cold-pack to your forehead or to the back of the neck may help.
Paul says: Coming in for a massage with trigger point work at the neck, shoulders and scalp can relieve a migraine or tension headache.
Robyn says: Transformational Breathing is very effective.


Carlton says:  Pressure Points can relieve headaches.  Apply pressure on the web between your first finger and your thumb.  Acupuncture can be effective in relieving  headaches.  Sinus headaches can be relieved by working the sinus cavity.

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