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"How do you make someone who has never had a massage comfortable?"

"How do you make someone who has never had a massage comfortable?"

Centennial Therapists

From Paul: "I let the client know before they get on the table, that if during the massage they have any questions to please ask.  I also let them know if at any point they feel uncomfortable to speak up.


From Carlton: "After the client has informed me as to why they are coming in for a massage, I let them know what I will be doing throughout the massage.  I also let them know that if they have any question pertaining to the massage to ask.  I believe as a therapist it is important to educate our clients, especially clients who are new to massage."


From Brittany:  "During the consultation I would let the client know what to expect.  During the session I would gently let them know what I will be doing.  I would also encourage the client to please speak up if, at any time they are uncomfortable."


From Trina:  "After consulting with my client on needs for their massage, I would tell them to undress to their comfort level,  and during the massage explain each thing I am doing and why. If they are uncomfortable, I would explain and change to make my client comfortable."

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