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Amber- Level 2 | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Why I am Passionate About Massage: Well...let's face it. I'm passionate about massage because I'm a nerd.  And being a massage therapist allows me to use a full spectrum of nerd - knowledge in my massages, such as kinesiology, pathology, gait analysis, functional anatomy...I could go on. And all of this fascinating info helps me to help others.


About My Massage: I like to use a technique called Positional Release Therapy or PRT, for short which stems from a more commonly known term "strain-counter strain". PRT requires the therapist to find tender points in the soft tissues and then place the client's body into a position of comfort while the client remains in a relaxed state.  This simple and gentle movement will often times allow the client's nervous system to "disengage" from the area that's hurting interrupting the chronic pain cycle or tissue dysfunction. This allows tissues, adhesions, knots, scar tissue to unwind and let go without pain for the client. No elbows needed digging into tissue that is already hurting.  Pain is our body's way of letting us know that, "damage is occurring here. I need help. I need healing." This is a survival signal programmed into our most primitive DNA. Pain is the signal that gets our attention directed to the area of the body that is in trouble. It's our "Service Engine Immediately" light. And the longer we ignore it the louder it screams.  Healing is not synonymous with pain. SO when our bodies are hurting and in need of healing why do we sign up for painful massages?


What my clients say: "How did you do that? You weren't even pressing on me?"


Experience: 7 experience as a massage therapist with a focus in medical massage. 2 years working in a chiropractic office using myofascial release and deep tissue. 7 years working in various spa environments. 9 months studying Positional Release Therapy, biomechanics and gait analysis with Dr. Tim Speicher, owner of the Positional Release Therapy Institute and 8 months studying Asian reflexology and foot massage.

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