Castle Rock

West of Target off Founder's Pkwy


323 Metzler Dr
Suite 105
Castle Rock, CO 80104

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Emili- Level 4 | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

My name is Emili and I have happily been a massage therapist for 3 years. People are my passion and I am very thankful to have found this path in my life. I’m an apired world-traveller and photographer; always seeking unique beauty and diverse adventures. I am excited to provide my touch in the Castle Rock area where I was raised.


Why I am passionate about massage: I always knew I was meant to help others; as I grew up and experienced this wonderful life, I found massage and instantly clicked with the type of ‘helping’ and healing I could bring to someone. The open environment and energy that comes from massage is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Providing my clients with care, knowledge, an open heart, and compassionate mindset is definitely a privilege and huge passion of mine.


About my massage: I strive to provide a ‘personalized’ massage to all my clients. We all come from different walks of life , different interests, etc. etc. So, in essence, every body is unique. Being able to connect with each individual and providing them with what they want, what their body needs, and what knowledge I can share is a huge part of my massage.


What my clients say: My favorite thing I would frequently hear would have to be “Wow! You soothed things I didn’t know could be sore!” or “I had no idea that you working that area could release this area but still have me feeling relaxed and renewed!”

Experience: I have worked in customer service since I was 16, and I’ve always loved working. After experiencing a lot in 5 years, my wants and needs shifted. I acquired a lot of knowledge about the world and where I wanted to put my energy and intention. Massage fell into my hands (pun intended) and I was hooked. I still worked full-time as I was in school for massage, taking night classes. As my internship began, I dropped to part-time to retain my own life-balance and days after completing and graduating, I moved to Vail where I worked full-time for 3 years obtaining skills and knowledge like I had never imagined I would.

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