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Elements Massage Castle Rock, CO   80104

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm

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Yolande - Level 3+ | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday

Favorite Area Of Focus: Neck, Sholders
Specialties: Pain Management, Deep Tissue

Why I am passionate about massage:

Massage is a holistic way to assist healing to all systems of the body. By removing interference (tension) from the soft tissue (muscles) via manual manipulation, the body can function at maximum potential, lessening the risk of sickness and disease.

About my massage:

Eclectic practitioner that customizes massage to each client’s needs.

What my clients say:

“She is professional, personable, and attuned to sore spots and knots caused by stress or muscular overload.”

“Yolande is very knowledgeable, asks the right questions, focuses on the issue and provides the solution.”


Eight years of work in chiropractic, spa services, therapeutic massage, and pain management.


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