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Ken - Level 3+ | Licensed Massage Therapist

Available Friday, Saturday

Favorite Area Of Focus: Structural Integration and Injury Work and Deep Tissue

I grew up in a small town near St. Louis, MO and have lived in Colorado for 14 years now and have also been a full time massage therapist for 14 years. I love learning about how the body works and all the ways in which massage can help in the healing process when it doesn’t work the way we would like it to.

Why I am passionate about massage:

                I love it when clients experience both the immediate and long-term benefits from my massages. Whether it’s from pain relief, improvements in biomechanics, posture or relaxation and recovery my clients can enjoy life a little bit better.

About my massage:

                Your massage goals are my number one priority. I really strive to meet or exceed expectations by looking at the body as a whole. I try and find other ways in which areas of tightness and or pain can be treated not only by releasing the symptomatic muscles but also treating other related areas further down or up the chain that also contribute to the pain or tightness.

What my clients say:

                For my chronic pain clientele, they like my methodology of initial assessment and then continued reassessments throughout the massage session in order to maximize treatment benefits. Special qualities clients often tell me I possess are openness, caring, respectful, and that I am a good listener.

Favorite Modalities:

Structural Integration and Injury Work and Deep Tissue

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