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Laura - Level 3+ | Licensed Massage Therapist

Favorite Area Of Focus: Cranial Sacral
Specialties: Infant Massage

Welcome to Elements where I look forward to providing the highest level of service possible. I consider each client and each experience new, enjoyable and refreshing. Thank you for taking time for yourself and your own wellness.

Why I am passionate about massage:

Massage is the best profession. Our profession has a significant and growing number of scientific research studies documenting the objective and subjective, short term and long term advantages for those individuals who choose massage as a regular health practice. I study the science of our profession and have attended international conferences with guest speakers who are world experts in touch.

On a more personal level, my training in infant massage allowed me to massage both of my children from the time they were born and the ongoing benefits have been remarkable in addition to enjoying a very close relationship with them always. Their neurological function and immune function, coordination and language development were profoundly improved by the volumes of touch they received in early development and beyond.

About my massage:

Massage is a very personal experience that requires heightened respect, open communication and dedication to what is best for the client. We create the custom massage experience together through communication before, during and after the session.

What my clients say:

Clients enjoy being able to coach and provide feedback in the moment of the massage. While it can be good to learn what others say about my massage techniques and training, I invite you to come and experience, for yourself, what is possible.


I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in 1993 and went in to massage school following, graduating and becoming nationally certified in 1994. I have training in the following modalities:

  • Hot Stone Massage                                        
  • Reiki ll                                                                 
  • Aromatherapy                                                 
  • Bach Flower Remedies ll                             
  • Pre- Natal Massage                                        
  • Swedish Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Infant Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Craniosacral Therapy
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