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Massage Therapist

Missouri City
5706 Highway 6 S
Missouri City, TX


Our Purpose:

Elements Therapeutic Massage Missouri City strives to reduce the amount of physical pain and stress of people in our community. We are seeking responsible Therapeutic Massage Therapists to join our team. We will invest in your personal and professional growth by providing ongoing training and have designed this position with you in mind.

We will provide everything you need to be successful:
• Linens
• Lotions
• A safe, warm, professional environment in which to work
• Marketing
• Administrative support
• Discounted Liability Insurance

Because we are a therapeutic massage studio, you will be able to use your
knowledge and training by working with a multitude of clients --- from
athletes to pregnant women to clients with chronic issues such as herniated
and bulging discs, fibromyalgia and chronic low back pain.

The 3 MUSTS of a Massage Therapist at Elements Therapeutic Massage Missouri City:

  1. Address the Area of Pain First. When a client directs you to a painful area, you MUST address the painful areas first. This will allow your client to enjoy their whole massage. Continue from the area of pain and provide a continuously flowing massage.
  2. Connect with Your Client. When you care about your client (and put yourself aside) they will feel it in your touch. They will see it in your eyes; they will sense it in their bodies! Another way to connect is to “make every stroke count”. Be sure that you have intention behind all of your massage strokes
  3. Make Reschedule Recommendation. You are the professional and we count on you to make an educated recommendation on when your client should return for their next massage. You are also responsible to communicate this information to the front desk.

A Healthy Team

Either your actions add to a healthy work environment or they take away from it! Your energy, your words and your actions all affect your team mates. We are all connected and have a responsibility to:

  1. Communicate with your co-workers and your supervisors. Ask questions, get clarification and don’t make assumptions and don’t take things personally.
  2. Be Reliable and professional. Be aware of your work environment and how your reliability affects others. Always represent the massage community in a professional manner.
  3. Be Flexible and understand that there is a certain ebb and flow in our industry. We can not always predict a busy day we just need to be ready for it!

Daily Tasks

  1. Arrive on Time
  2. Be in Uniform (neat and ironed)
  3. Check in with receptionist/office manager
  4. Assist with chores when you don’t have a massage
  5. Follow room check out procedures
  6. Assist with keeping studio clean and bathroom stocked and clean.
  7. Be courteous and professional with all clients (speak with clients if you are sitting at front desk.
  8. Write accurate and timely SOAP notes
  9. Be professional and quiet when not in massage session.
  10. Begin and End Massages on time.
  11. Inform manager of any changes of address/phone, continuing education, etc.
  12. Make recommendations for clients return massage visit.

Email your resume to for consideration.

Each Elements Massage® studio is independently owned and operated. Franchise owners (or their designated hiring managers) are solely responsible for all employment and personnel decisions and matters regarding their independently owned and operated studios, including hiring, direction, training, supervision, discipline, discharge, compensation (e.g., wage practices and tax withholding and reporting requirements), and termination of employment. Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC (ETM) is not involved in, and is not responsible for, employment and personnel matters and decisions made by any franchise owner. All individuals hired by franchise owners’ studios are their employees, not those of ETM. Benefits vary by independently owned and operated Elements Massage® studios. Elements Massage® and Elements Massage + design are registered trademarks owned by ETM.

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