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What Our Therapists Have to Say:

Coeur d'Alene
3516 N Government Way
Coeur d'Alene, ID


Annie (Elements since November, 2012)

I love working at Elements Therapeutic Massage for many reasons. I really like that they are diligent about matching me up with the right clients who could benefit most from my skills.  They are very driven to keep my schedule full and make sure my clients return for continued treatment.

I feel like I can really focus on my clients and my own professional growth at Elements. It had been a long time since I worked as part of a team with other therapists.  I can’t help but learn and grow by working with and receiving massage trades from so many talented therapists.

Finally, I just love staying busy, love my clients and love working with the other therapists!


Gloria (Elements since October, 2012)

Being at Elements is a nice change compared with my other experiences.  Here I feel respected as a professional and as a person rather than feeling like just an employee.  They are mindful of my family requirements and are willing to make adjustments for my changing schedule.

I very much appreciate their commitment to my professional growth.  Through the therapist workshops, off-site training and massage trades I continue to learn and develop my skills for the benefit of my clients.

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