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What Our Therapists Have to Say:

Spokane Valley
15412 E Sprague Ave Ste 8
Spokane Valley, WA


Elaine (Elements since May, 2012)

I enjoy working at Elements Therapeutic Massage for many reasons.  Elements is driven toward genuine care and concern for our clients.  Also, the environment allows for my growth as a professional.

Elements has provided me tools through therapist workshops, continuing education and receiving massage trades from other amazing therapists that enable me to learn and become successful.  I have become more self-aware of what areas I need to continue to improve but also where I thrive as a therapist.

This is a great place to learn and be challenged.  We have a diverse client base which allows us to build a great practice.  I am proud that we provide the best quality body work and genuine care for our clients.


Matthew (Elements since September, 2011)

Elements is the most therapeutically oriented employer I have ever worked for. My past employers have been spas in resorts mostly. The majority of the clientele were tourists and very rarely did I ever have return clients.

Being so therapeutically oriented, Elements has pushed me to grow and branch out into areas of technique I never would have pursued working in the spa business. My bag o’ tricks grows ever larger through the many trade massages, continuing education classes, and therapist workshops. Elements continues to provide solely for the benefit of my personal and professional practice.

The reason I work at Elements is the ability I have with Elements to focus on what’s important…my clients. Elements allows me a peace of mind when it comes to the business side of our industry, which is important to someone like me who tends to stress easy and am easily effected by outside influence. For me to give 100% to my clients I need that peace of mind.  Also, the owner is a big reason why I work here. I believe we both have the same goals in mind, to do good and positively change someone’s life. 

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