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Wellness Membership Advisor (WMA)

Elements Massage 2019-04-30T18:00:00-06:00 Elements Massage South Carlsbad
3247 Camino de Los Coches Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA 92009


Job Description

The WMA is a Sales and Customer Service role within an independently owned and operated Elements Massage® studio. A WMA is responsible for membership sales, building client loyalty and meeting studio and personal goals and objectives to ensure growth and profitability and a superior experience for all. High performance can quickly lead to sales / front desk management role. NOTE: we are looking to cover Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon / evenings at a minimum.


The WMA reports directly to the studio manager, however will have frequent interactions with massage therapists and the owner.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Consistently follows all steps in the KNOWETM and sales process resulting in a conversion rate of 40% or higher.
  • Gains commitment and agreement from clients concerning rebooking and membership.
  • Makes great first impressions, builds rapport, and identifies client’s needs resulting in membership sales.
  • Meets or exceeds the needs of the client — takes all opportunities to exceed client expectations without making unreasonable commitments.
  • Take pride and passion in resolving client problems/complaints/issues. Listens, empathizes, apologizes, and takes personal responsibility to resolve any client issues.
  • Creates client enthusiasts by rebooking by asking questions, reading body language, and follow‐through. Proactively seeks moments to wow.
  • Maintains focus and avoids errors under high stress situations such as during busy client times.
  • Maintains positive relationships with clients and coworkers when under stress from high client times, client/co‐worker complaints.
  • Develops appropriate strategies to cope with high stress situations such as multi‐tasking, organization of work.
  • Understands and applies knowledge, skills and concepts from on‐boarding, training, meetings and coaching/feedback.
  • Actively participates in role‐playing, trainings and activities, regular meetings and coaching.
  • Owns personal growth and development using learning tools and resources, engages in skill building by participating in daily role‐playing.
  • Sets high standards of excellence following procedures and a high level of quality, productivity, and service.
  • Accountable for goal/objective setting and achievement.
  • Acts with integrity and high ethical standards.
  • Communicates effectively with clients and team members (managers, coworkers, etc.)
  • Maintains effective written and verbal communication through communication logs, shift changes/overviews to ensure smooth operations.
  • Maintains timely communications via lead calls, appointment bookings, membership questions, and appointment confirmations.

Job Competencies

  • Sales / Persuasiveness – Sells the Elements Massage Wellness Program, and additional services to clients.
  • Building Loyalty – Meets and exceeds client’s needs, builds loyalty, resulting in client promoters on the eNPS scale.
  • Stamina – Performs well under pressure and stress.
  • Applied Learning – Applies concepts from training, feedback, and professional development.
  • Work Standards – Is accountable for goals and objectives, has high standards for performance.
  • Communication – Communicates in a way that clients and co‐workers understand and retain message.

Compensation and Benefits

  • $12.00 base pay with aggressive bonus opportunities for individual sales, conversion rates, studio performance, and client rebooking – higher performance results in higher per sale bonus
  • Free monthly massage


  • Outgoing, personable, and friendly demeanor
  • Ability to learn and apply proven sales scripts / techniques
  • Willingness to learn and be challenged
  • Retail / sales experience preferred but not required

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