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Wellness Membership Advisor (WMA)

Elements Massage 2019-04-30T18:00:00-06:00 Elements Massage South Carlsbad
3247 Camino de Los Coches Suite 110
Carlsbad, CA 92009


Job Description

The WMA is a Sales and Customer Service role within an independently owned and operated Elements Massage® studio. A WMA is responsible for membership sales, building client loyalty and meeting studio and personal goals and objectives to ensure growth and profitability and a superior experience for all. High performance can quickly lead to sales / front desk management role. NOTE: we are looking to cover Sunday and Tuesday shifts at a minimum.


The WMA reports directly to the studio manager, however will have frequent interactions with massage therapists and the owner.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Consistently follows all steps in the KNOWETM and sales process resulting in a conversion rate of 40% or higher.
  • Gains commitment and agreement from clients concerning rebooking and membership.
  • Makes great first impressions, builds rapport, and identifies client’s needs resulting in membership sales.
  • Meets or exceeds the needs of the client — takes all opportunities to exceed client expectations without making unreasonable commitments.
  • Take pride and passion in resolving client problems/complaints/issues. Listens, empathizes, apologizes, and takes personal responsibility to resolve any client issues.
  • Creates client enthusiasts by rebooking by asking questions, reading body language, and follow‐through. Proactively seeks moments to wow.
  • Maintains focus and avoids errors under high stress situations such as during busy client times.
  • Maintains positive relationships with clients and coworkers when under stress from high client times, client/co‐worker complaints.
  • Develops appropriate strategies to cope with high stress situations such as multi‐tasking, organization of work.
  • Understands and applies knowledge, skills and concepts from on‐boarding, training, meetings and coaching/feedback.
  • Actively participates in role‐playing, trainings and activities, regular meetings and coaching.
  • Owns personal growth and development using learning tools and resources, engages in skill building by participating in daily role‐playing.
  • Sets high standards of excellence following procedures and a high level of quality, productivity, and service.
  • Accountable for goal/objective setting and achievement.
  • Acts with integrity and high ethical standards.
  • Communicates effectively with clients and team members (managers, coworkers, etc.)
  • Maintains effective written and verbal communication through communication logs, shift changes/overviews to ensure smooth operations.
  • Maintains timely communications via lead calls, appointment bookings, membership questions, and appointment confirmations.

Job Competencies

  • Sales / Persuasiveness – Sells the Elements Massage Wellness Program, and additional services to clients.
  • Building Loyalty – Meets and exceeds client’s needs, builds loyalty, resulting in client promoters on the NPS scale.
  • Stamina – Performs well under pressure and stress.
  • Applied Learning – Applies concepts from training, feedback, and professional development.
  • Work Standards – Is accountable for goals and objectives, has high standards for performance.
  • Communication – Communicates in a way that clients and co‐workers understand and retain message.

Compensation and Benefits

  • $13.00-$15.00 base pay with aggressive bonus opportunities for individual sales, conversion rates, studio performance, and client rebooking – higher performance results in higher per sale bonus
  • Free monthly massage


  • Outgoing, personable, and friendly demeanor
  • Ability to learn and apply proven sales scripts / techniques
  • Willingness to learn and be challenged
  • Retail / sales experience preferred but not required

Each Elements Massage® studio is independently owned and operated. Franchise owners (or their designated hiring managers) are solely responsible for all employment and personnel decisions and matters regarding their independently owned and operated studios, including hiring, direction, training, supervision, discipline, discharge, compensation (e.g., wage practices and tax withholding and reporting requirements), and termination of employment. Elements Therapeutic Massage, LLC (ETM) is not involved in, and is not responsible for, employment and personnel matters and decisions made by any franchise owner. All individuals hired by franchise owners’ studios are their employees, not those of ETM. Benefits vary by independently owned and operated Elements Massage® studios. Elements Massage® and Elements Massage + design are registered trademarks owned by ETM.

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