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Therapeutic Massage Can Help Regulate Hormones, Reduce Swelling and Improve Sleep

Therapeutic Massage Can Help Regulate Hormones, Reduce Swelling and Improve Sleep


Pampering mom with massage on Mother's Day is a popular gift idea, but it's also beneficial to the health and wellness of new moms and their babies, according to the American Pregnancy Association. Elements Massage™ (Elements), a national franchise founded on the therapeutic benefits of massage and one of the fastest growing providers of therapeutic massage in the U.S., has specialty therapists who bring more than pain and stress relief to the massage table.

Elements studios employ a number of therapists that are trained in every stage of pregnancy to help women going through changes with their body. Therapists have massage techniques to utilize in prenatal and postpartum massage to aid with hormonal fluctuations, swelling ankles and soreness, clearing milk ducts to stimulate milk production for breastfeeding and improving sleep through relaxation.

"Many of our therapists specialize and are certified in prenatal and postpartum massage," say Colleen O'Connor, owner of Elements in Louisville, Ky. "Certification and continuing education is required before therapists can even touch the client. If a pregnant or postpartum woman is thinking about massage therapy, they should know what to ask the massage studio, and at Elements each client is matched with the proper therapist based on their massage needs."

O'Connor says it is critical for anyone purchasing the gift of massage for a pregnant or postpartum mom to ask about the therapist's education, which Elements can provide to all their clients.

* Are they certified?

* What is their experience with prenatal and postpartum massage?

* Do they have the right equipment for taking care of these kinds of massages?

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