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Holiday Gift Card Specials

Holiday Gift Card Specials

Rachel Justis

With all the holiday chaos going on during the busy season it is easy to forget to schedule some much needed “me time”. So, how can you help your family and friends relieve holiday stress? Give the gift of a massage. After all, what is better than gifting someone with the opportunity to relax and release stress? 

While there are many benefits of stress relief, one of the main benefits is lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can reduce one’s risk for developing anxiety, depression and hostile feelings, and control horomone levels. Also, it can lower the risk of having a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure.

Each therapist at Elements Massage in Buckhead specializes in working out the tension by blending techniques from several types of massage to best address your needs. These may include:

- Deep Tissue

Benefits Include: Alleviate pain, recover from injuries, increase mobility, decrease muscle tension, recover from repetitive stresses like sports, lifting, and computer use, improve posture, relief from Osteoarthritis, and relief from Fibromyalgia.

-Trigger Point

Benefits Include: Compared to other massage therapies that are used to treat pain this type of massage focuses on very specific points of the body. This massage technique tends to provide the best method of treatment for pain.


Benefits Include: The overall goal of this massage is to warm-up and increase blood flow, stimulate neurological pathways, aid recovery from exertion, increase flexibility, improve strength, and improve posture.


Benefits Include: manipulating of the muscle tissue, stress relief by lowering heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol, improves blood circulation by leading to lower blood pressure and improved body functions.


Benefits Include: reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.

-Hot Stone 

Benefits Include: relaxation of muscles, stress reduction, release of toxins, pain reduction, improvement of circulation, calmness of the mind, reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression, and reduction of insomnia.

What Gift Card Specials are we offering during December 2015?

Two 55-Minute Session Gift Cards for $99
One 55-Minute and One-80 Minute Session Gift Card for $129
Two 80-Minute Session Gift Cards for $159
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