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Massage and Swimming

Massage and Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular summer activities here in the Valley, and plenty of people use it as a way to stay healthy when it’s too warm to go for a run. As far as low impact, total-body workouts go – it’s hard to beat swimming. However, any repetitive movement can cause stress and strain on muscles and joints if the proper recovery time and practices aren’t observed. Incorporating regular massage into your swimming routine can help maintain muscle flexibility, restore strength, and improve aptitude overall.

One of the things that make swimming such an excellent workout is the sheer number of muscles that are used with each stroke taken. From arms pulling through the water to legs kicking continuously, your entire body is in motion and exerting surprising amounts of energy as you move from one end of the pool to another. Even if you trade between the four swim strokes, these workouts involve lots of repetitive motion, which can lead to knots and strains in the muscles. Swimmers often end up with tension in their necks, shoulders and backs where lots of these repetitive movements are concentrated. Luckily, massage therapy can help with that.

Every smart workout routine includes time to rest and recuperate, and swimming is no exception. Leaving knots and tension unaddressed can lead to difficulties with balance in the water, poorer performance, and discomfort when the tension and soreness doesn’t go away. Massage therapy techniques like sports massage and trigger point can help release the tightness and tension that builds up during the time spent swimming laps. Not only does it make your body feel good, but also it boosts performance, improves flexibility, and helps reduce chances of injury. Include therapeutic massage in your recovery time so you can dive back into the pool ready to do and feel your best!

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