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Prenatal massage; Putting you at ease

Prenatal massage helps relax the body from aches and pains that come with being pregnant. Prenatal massage is driven towards energizing you through increasing circulation and reducing stressful hormones in the body. Prenatal massage can be a key in helping many pregnancy symptoms such as:

  • Relieving insomnia
  • Relaxing joint and back pain
  • Reducing swilling in hands and feet
  • Alleviating headaches

Prenatal massage differs from traditional massage techniques because during pregnancy mothers are directed away from lying directly down on their stomachs. Pregnant mothers are also advised during their second and third trimesters to no lay straight on their back for circulation purposes. Prenatal certified massage therapists take into account all of these small pieces to create an environment that is relaxing and safe but also allows the therapist to work on areas. The therapist uses a wedge foam block while the mother is lying face up to lift her chest off the table to promote circulation. A very unique aspect that Elements Massage provides is a prenatal table that has cuts out tha can be removed so that an expecting mother can safely lie down on her stomach without causing any stress on the child.

We have found that this creates a difference for the expecting moms;

"Kudos to Elements for offering up a pregnancy table with a hole in it for the baby bump. My massage could not have been more comfortable; I'm pretty sure drooling was involved. Another kudos for having a giant wedge foam pillow for the back; pregnant women cannot comfortably lie on their backs so this wedge is awesomely thoughtful" Lillian E

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