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14028 N US Hwy 183
Suite 120
Austin, TX 78717

Mon - Sun 9am - 9pm
Same Day Appointments Available

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Words of Wellness / Health & Wellness

words of wellness words over nature landscape

Lakricha Murray Mar 20, 2016 Health & Wellness

We don’t know about you, but the fact that it’s almost officially springtime makes us want to jump up and down with happiness. Sure, there is a lot to love about winter – the attitude of rest it inspires, the opportunities to spend time with loved ones during the holidays and the frosty fun activities that are only possible thanks to  snow and ice. However,...

Ramona French Jan 31, 2016 Health & Wellness

Although there are many different kinds of massage, with various names, massage can be divided into three basic types. Acupressure refers to massages from Asia that focus on pressure points and the movement of energy through the body. Swedish massage focuses on improving circulation of blood and lymph and relaxing superficial muscles. Deep tissue massage focuses on connective... Jan 24, 2016 Health & Wellness

Excerpted and adapted from Anxiety: Top Tips For Rapid Relief Of Anxiety, Panic, Nervousness, and Worry by Lance Levan Some forms of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) have proven to ease the stress of anxiety, based on research studies. Complementary medicine includes strategies that are not routinely used in Western medicine, although some doctors...

Levi Murray Sep 27, 2015 Health & Wellness

The journey to alleviating pain can be a long road if you solely focus on where your pain is rather than determining the actual source of your discomfort. To help you chart a course to a more pain-free lifestyle, Juliette Stuard, massage therapist at Elements West Chester, breaks down the three most common pain areas in the body and provides pointers for finding relief and...

Danielle Harlan Sep 23, 2015 Health & Wellness

Discover the Best Meditation Type for You Danielle Harlan Coach   While the scientific research on the health and wellness benefits of meditation is still in its infancy, an increasing number of people are looking to this ancient practice as a way to achieve calmness and relaxation, better manage stress, improve their mood, or just increase...

Levi Murray III Sep 10, 2015 Health & Wellness

With the beginning of fall sports, specifically football, concussion is a word that you’ll hear a lot. Whether it’s professional players, college, high school or even pee wee football; it’s not news that concussions have become a much more frequent subject of conversation than in the past. Although it takes time to heal concussion symptoms, massage therapy can...

Levi Murray III Sep 7, 2015 Health & Wellness

Labor Day, a day marked on many calendars as a well-deserved day off from the grind. Which means it should be considered a day to relax and recharge the batteries, not cram in a weekend on endless activities. Use these tips to ensure a relaxing and stress-free Labor Day.  Connect with Family and Friends  Connecting with family and friends is a stress reliever....

Lakricha Murray Aug 27, 2015 Health & Wellness

It’s hard to believe that we’re even thinking about the end of summer already, but it’s true. If you’re feeling a little down about it, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The End of Summer Blues are common among many summer lovers. However, just because summer is beginning to wind down and schedules are getting busy, don’t stop having fun.  Collect...

Bing Howenstein Aug 20, 2015 Health & Wellness

Massage therapy is a vital tool for keeping the body a well-oiled machine. Clients trust you will help provide relief from their pain and discomfort; yet all too often it’s your own body that ends up suffering after you stand and lean for hours on end. Long hours are a reality in this line of work, so here are a few tips for surviving those physically demanding...

Larkricha Murray Aug 16, 2015 Health & Wellness

For many, August is the time when we start to think about our kids going back to school. We say to ourselves, “summer just flew by.” Don’t be surprised if moods change and anxiety starts to kick in for both you and your children.  After a summer without routines and floating bedtimes, it can be stressful to get back into the "school...

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