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Massage can help reduce Anxiety

Massage can help reduce Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety disorders, you’re not alone. Thirteen percent of the population lives everyday with persistent anxiety. Massage therapy is a great addition to anxiety treatments.

This anxiety is more than the fear you feel when you have to speak in public. Panic attacks can seem to happen for no reason at all. Anxiety symptoms can be as mild as a general feeling of uneasiness or as severe as paralyzing terror.

Massage for Anxiety

When you experience anxiety, your body produces a lot of the stress hormone cortisol. Massage lowers cortisol levels. It also gets rid of the muscle tension caused by anxiety disorders.

In 1996 the Touch Research Institute did a study with 26 adults. For the study half the adults were given chair massages two times a week for 15 minutes and the control group sat in a massage chair but didn’t receive a massage 2 times a week for 15 minutes. You have to feel sorry for the poor control group.

Before and after the 5 week period their anxiety and depression levels were measured. They were also given saliva tests for cortisol. Then they were given math problems to solve. At the end of the study the people who received massage had lower anxiety and depression levels. Their cortisol levels were lower and they had increased speed and accuracy on the math problems.

Relaxation massages are best for treating anxiety, but you can try just about any type of massage to help calm your nerves. You might want to stay away from deeper more intense bodywork when you’re trying to relieve anxiety

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