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Improve Joint Flexibility with Sports Massage

Improve Joint Flexibility with Sports Massage

Sports massage offers athletes, dancers and active people many benefits, including improved flexibility.

A massage therapist is trained to assess and diagnose soft tissue and joints, then treat the body for injury, pain and physical disorders.

In sports massage, the massage therapist will massage areas of the body used in sports, dance or active living. These include muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. Just as stretching helps physical performance, so does massage. By relaxing stressed muscles and stimulating circulation, sports massage is really part of training in a preventative way as well as to treat injuries as they arise.

Sports massage improves flexibility

It’s easy to see how massage can be soothing after heavy physical exercise or helpful before exertion, but perhaps not as easy to see how massage helps flexibility. There are a few reasons why:

  • Massage helps to loosen muscles, offering a greater range of motion for your joints. Additionally, muscles that are not tight are less likely to sustain injuries such as strains or sprains.
  • Another benefit of a pre-workout massage is that it will prevent lactic acid from building up in your blood, which then not only helps to enable free movement but also helps you work out longer.
  • When you have massage and stretching before physical activity it can help to reduce soreness later, which helps keep your range of motion at its best.
    • Overdoing it while you train can make your muscles sore and rigid. Sports massage will target the stress points and help relax your muscles. Obviously relaxed muscles are more flexible than tight muscles. The resulting greater flexibility will also enhance performance.

A sports massage is different from a relaxation massage in that a sports massage therapist will target the areas most used by the athlete.

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