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Is It Appropriate for Children to Get a Massage?
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Relax, Repair, Rejuvenate with Swedish Massage Therapy
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Elements Louisville East Studio Helps Veteran
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Wellness News

Besides Regular Massage, What Else Should Be Part of a Good Holistic Wellness Program?

Posted: 03/13/2014

Elements Massage therapists from around the country provide examples of other things that can help your overall wellness. Read More >

The Role of Massage in Treating Mental Health Conditions

Posted: 03/11/2014

Massage can be a powerful tool for combatting the increasing presence of mental health conditions in our country. If you or a loved one has mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, talk to your doctors and a certified massage therapist to see how massage can fit into your overall treatment plan. Read More >

What Makes for a Good "Tableside Manner''?

Posted: 03/06/2014

Elements Massage therapists from around the country share how they make their clients' experience the best it can be. Read More >

Four Tips to Maximize Your Massage Experience

Posted: 03/04/2014

Getting a massage is great for relaxing your mind and body, but reaping the benefits of a massage long after the session ends is when you can really start establishing total health and wellness. The next time you schedule a massage, maximize your experience by following these simple but effective tips before, during and after your session. Read More >

Am I Supposed to Tip After a Massage?

Posted: 02/27/2014

Elements Massage therapists from around the country explain the proper etiquette for tipping. Read More >

Lighten the Load on Childhood Stress

Posted: 02/25/2014

Parents can help make their children’s lives more fun, fulfilling and less stressful by not only being aware of how stress can affect your children, but also by making sure that kids are given the time and opportunities to play without a purpose, grow their imagination and have fun. Take a break for your kid’s sake and the whole family can reap the benefits of spending time together unrushed and stress-free. Read More >

What's the Best Massage to Get for Stress Relief?

Posted: 02/20/2014

Elements Massage therapists from around the country recommend their preferred massage techniques for dealing with stress. Read More >

Release Pressure, Tension, Pain with Reflexology Treatments

Posted: 02/18/2014

Reflexology is a therapy option that can help to enhance the relaxation benefits of a regular massage while stimulating your body’s natural energy zones and connective properties. Read More >

What Do You Love Most About Massage?

Posted: 02/13/2014

Elements Massage therapists from around the country share exactly why they believe massage is so wonderful. Read More >

Three Tips to Turn Up the Connection Between You and Your Spouse this Valentine’s Day

Posted: 02/11/2014

Turn up your commitment to dedicating time and energy to relaxing and re-connecting with your spouse this Valentine’s Day by incorporating massage into your relationship. The benefits of massage to you, your relationship and your household will have more of a lasting impression on your life than any roses or chocolates ever could. Read More >

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